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    Solo 401K

    Brooks Newbie
      I am looking for someone / commpany that runs a "solo 401K" program.

      Does anyone have a good experince or referral that they can share?

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          I've had mine with Fidelity and with ING. Both of them fully met my expectations in terms of services, fees, and performance. Both provide excellent on-line access and management tools. I felt that I received a little better personal attention from ING on the two occasions when I needed it (but that's a case of ING exceeding my expectations, not Fidelity falling short).
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            GasisaRipoff Newbie

            For a conservative investing group that has done well in the ups and downs of the market, I usually recommend It is a low-cost option, but as with this one or any other solo 401K, if you have or are planning to add (non-spouse) employees later, then you need to look elsewhere.

            They have a great analysis and tax implications breakdown and forms on the web page.


            James J Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM
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              cltsig Newbie
              I have mine with Fidelity too. I'm an s-corp and I believe it can only be utilized by those with an ownership stake in the company. If you hire employees, you will need to convert to a regular (read: high overhead) 401k plan. Plus, Fidelity reps are really helpful with the setup, questions, etc.
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                Techie Wayfarer
                This is great information everyone. Thank you for contributing.
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                  Bridge Navigator
                  I use Charles Schwab for my company 401K. Generally both you and your spouse can contribut to it. Be careful, there are about 6 types of small business 401Ks each with their own pluesses and minusses. Check out the Fidelity and Charles S. sites for futher detial.
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                    calbear81 Newbie
                    Did you think about a SEP? Simplified Employee Pension Plan. See us at