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    Funds to Invest

    santos514 Adventurer
      Any one have any contact with Ken Alban from London couple days ago he post that he have money to invest in business, please inform what you know about him


      Thank you,
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          EL_DollarShop Adventurer
          BE CAREFUL!
          Be very careful my freind!

          Not knowing much of where you have a business or plan to, all I can say is this. Foriegn investors expressing interest may make you feel like someone is finnaly there to help, but in truth they are just what they are foriegn, and laws do not cross over so easy from on country to another, even recovering funds you might pay out will be even harder to recover once you realize you have been duped into a scheme.

          Example: I had an interested investor in loaning me $60,000 for a biz startup and terms were great. The letter they sent me was of a good faithfull God fearing nature and sounded great! But it was the address in Nigeria, Africa that told me delete that reply, and report them to the U.S. Federal Authorities dealing with internet scams. Apparently I was right they already had several reports of the same person, and were investigating. Sad part was those others already lost money, they will never recover.

          If you need legitamate investors, and live in the U.S. try the SBA, Score and alike, as well as this forum with dicretion of any reply you may recieve.

          Tell you what Business Credit Services can maybe help you get what you need.

          Good luck, and maybe in a couple years I might have the capital you desire? But won't rip you off!

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            Mergent Adventurer
            DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH KEN ALBAN!!!!!!!! he is a fake and a fraud. I am now dealing with the government because he tried to deposit a fake casheirs check for $95,000 in my E*Trade account.

            STAY AWAY!!!!!!