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    Business Plan

    santos514 Adventurer
      Why is it best to have a professional write your business ?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          I don't necessarily think it is. No one knows more about your business vision than you.

          I do think it's a good idea to have a professional review the plan you've written when you believe that it is finished, and to offer you honest feedback and suggestions. I also think it's essential to have a professional help you "package" the plan if you are going to present it to lenders or investors.

          The simple reason is experience -- most business owners have never written a complete business plan, and even fewer have had to provide one to support a loan request or investment proposal. A qualified professional has probably written and reviewed hundreds, and should be able to offer guidance on what will make the plan --- and the business itself -- flop or fly. A secondary reason is that if you pay a professional to review your plan and take the advice offered, he/she will probably have a vested interest in seeing you succeed (i.e., the up-front fee often lays the groundwork for quite a lot of valuable follow-up assistance).

          Just my perspective . . .
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            LUCKIEST Guide
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                simon07 Wayfarer
                I don't think a professional would necessarily write a better plan for you. But, they can probably offer a good structure to get you started. I agree with the logic that having a different set of eyes on your document is beneficial and can offer a different perspective. The perspective can be from a wider pool of people vs. a business plan writer.