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    Business pet peeve's.

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      What are some of your pet peeve's in business?


      I always hate when I spell something wrong in an email (or on this forum).

      I also always hope and pray that what comes out of my mouth is properly said and makes sense. A lot of times, we all get caught off guard in public (maybe we might have 11 other things on our mind) and we can be put on the spot to answer a question. Many times, we are prepared and in the mood to talk business, other times...we can't wait to get home and just unwind a little and clear the mind.

      I recently had a very good client upset at me because almost all of my necklaces were sold-out for Mother's Day. There were some more specifically featured in a fashion magazine and when she got her copy in the mail, she wanted to see 2 of the pieces featured. I had to tell her they were all sold-out. She wanted to know how this happened. I kind of shrugged my shoulders and was at a loss for words, than to obviously just say that pretty much with spring it's just been a real busy time of year. She made a face, like o.k., whatever and it made me feel sad to disappoint her, a very good client. After I went home and rested a little, I then realized what had really happened to my client. She left a message on my cell phone that weekend before that she changed her Internet company and her email address before we talked in person and she really had not been receiving my email updates, I realized. When I told this to her a few days later, she felt better about things, like I wasn't brushing her off, keeping secrets, and that I had been communicating to her all the time, just that she wasn't actually getting the communications. Going back to the pet peeve's....I wish sometimes, we can say exactly the right thing, think of the right things to remember and say from the start instead of sometimes having to circle back with people.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          pet peeve's O K Here are a few
          Voice Mail, Jail, and limp handshakes
          I hate shaking hands...I must wash my hands about 100 times a day!
          Are you guys talking Exclamation points, Quotation marks, Or Apostrophe's ?????????
          Give me an xacto knife...I will pretty much destroy anything in sight
          Having a boss treat you like a two year old
          people who do 50 mph in the left lane while chatting away on their cell phones
          People who are late for appointments

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            I for one am really tired of potential investors that think because we are a teeny weeny company that we are needy amateurs and we need their money to get to market. Whenever I refer anyone with their NDA to our Chief Legal Counsel, they get offended and act like I am committing a capital crime.

            I keep telling people that I am responsible to a Board of Directors and that I cannot act as an individual. Potential investors even told me that they thought I was kidding....

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              Bluesuit Adventurer

              Excellent question.

              • Being late.
              • People who complain, but do nothing.
              • Inefficiency.
              • Nickeling and diming your customers.


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                caffeinated Scout

                Before going into busines for myself, I lived in cubicle land. Here's just a few off the top of my head:

                • the saying "FYI" or "going forward..."
                • loud talkers
                • lurkers outside my cube
                • cell phones not set to vibrate (do i really need to hear Macarena when you're not around to answer?)
                • colleagues that swear at their computer


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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  My number one pet peeve of customers, is when someone tries to negotiate a lower price. for example if an items sells for $55.00, one might ask me if I will take $40. I respond with," Ah, so you want to negotiate,( they usually nod their head at this point), well how about $60. The look on their face is priceless. They usually respond with a statement like "You went up in price, you're supposed to go down." I tell them that we were negotiating, they were going down but I was negotiating up. I follow up by asking if the have a job. Then I ask if they would be willing to take a 20% cut in pay for a week. When they say no, I tell them that I don't want to either.