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    The best home based business

    Johnsquest68 Adventurer
      The best home based business is the one that peeks YOUR interest. Maybe an idea that you came up with, a hobby that fits a need, or perhaps a new gadget that you invented. Hobbies and crafts are the best way to start. Take Xavier Roberts for example, back in the late 1970's, Xavier made a line of dolls that he called cabbage patch kids. He sold them from his home and his garage, they became extremely popular. And a few years later, he sold the rights to the cabbage patch line to Coleco the rest is history.

      The general rule is homemade is the best. whether it be the beutiful quilts you enjoy making, or the soft chewy cookies everyone raves about. The best ideas in business are spurred by the inventiveness and creativity of someone sitting in their house or garage. Seeing a need, and finding a solution. Or coming up with the next best toy, game or widget.

      Then there are always good resources for established businesses in many different categories. Way too many to list here. good resources for reputable home businesses are Entrepreneur magazine and small business opportunities magazine. Just be careful, research any new business opportunity that you see, take the time to read the fine print on everything. Just remember the ONE important rule. There is NO such thing as get rich quick. Success takes planning, teamwork, and lots of hard work.

      Just a thought.


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