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    Starting from home .

    AJDLaundry Wayfarer
      As we were having trouble getting funding to start up an official location with washers and driers as a laundry mat, we thought of handing out fliers to solicit our services from our home first. We would pick up laundry requests, free of charge, wash, dry, fold, and return free of charge. Thought it would start money coming in and eventually we could get ahead enough to buy washers and driers ourselves. So far, we sent fliers to individuals, apartments, homes in richy neighborhoods, facilities that offer assistance (meaning home day care for elderly type of places), even sent fliers to restaurants etc that may have laundry like table cloths etc where we could help out. So far, no calls, no comments , nothing.

      Any ideas?

      A JD Laundry
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          WHY THREE POSTS???

          Soliciting for Assistance, Sounds like a great idea.
          Two suggestions 1) You have sent out letters of assistance to businesses in the
          community, Have you follow up with personal phone calls??
          2) Have you tried to get the local newspaper to do an article or news release
          on your program.

          We at A JD Laundry want to do something where we can give back or pitch
          in to the
          community and thought of the laundry service needs.

          Best of luck. LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Three suggestions:

            Repetition. Concentrate on the most desirable area from which to draw clients and distribute flyers weekly. I can't cite a specific study (perhaps one of the ad industry members can), but I have heard that it takes an average of seven contacts (flyers, newspaper ads, etc.) for your type of service to actually "connect" with a potential customer.

            Feedback. Ask people to review your flyer and give you feedback. If it's professional looking, customers are more likely to assume that you'll do a professional job. If it is cheap looking (sloppy, poor layout, misspelled words), people may assume that you won't be all that careful with their clothing, either. Since your flyer represents you in the marketplace, it needs to be as good as you can afford to make it.

            Reassurance. Your flyer needs to provide customers with enough information for them to trust you. A verifiable address, complete contact information, and a bank reference on your flyer would provide them with the ability to confirm that you really are a laundry service (as opposed to someone who picks up clothes, sells them to thrift shops, and disappears). Also, people who send out their laundry can be very picky. Do you offer a choice of detergents and fabric softeners. If so, say so. Are you a non-smoker and will the laundry be done in a smoke-free environment? If so, say so. Do you have pets at home? If not, say there are no pets and that your home is free of pet allergens. These issues are a big deal to many, so don't say it if it isn't true -- but if it is true, it can be the key phrase that gets you someone's business.

            Hope these suggestions help. Best wishes.

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                AJDLaundry Wayfarer
                hee-hee. lighthouse you have humor to ya!!!!! Good advice. I have had folks look over my fliers and I do have a few different ones that I send out, slightly altered to the listing I am sending to . Perhaps I will change it up a bit though. I sure appreciate your advice. Thanks so much.
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                WhiteLopez Newbie
                The firs thing you have to do is ask your self this question? \\ Would I give my clothes to someone to was for me if your answer is yes you are among the very few. Why? \\ Clothing is very pesonal and many people are not comfortable with having some else wash there laundry. That is a fact now having said that try giving business a fallowup call they are more inclined to use your services. Home owners is a litle harder but not imposible. \\ If you deside to change the type of business you are in visit my website atwww.whitelopez.comif you like what I have to offer we could help you start your own business with very litle investment. You could get started with less than $20.00. \\ If you have any question give me a call I will be more than happy to help you out you will not get any harrassing calls from my company either so feel free to call and aks any question you may have. 714-927-0415 Luis A. White. \\ Good luck with your business
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                  chinahdoll Wayfarer
                  I think you two may have missed something in communicating with each other...I'm pretty new here and have gotten some awesome advice from people and one of them has graced your post (Lighthouse!). But a little criticism is always good either negative or positive.

                  I have an idea though....have you considered directing your business efforts to commercial businesses in which the employees wear uniforms. Because one thing that I read above is that peoples laundry is a personal thing. I wouldn't want someone touching my "unmentionables". But with a company that the employees wear's not as personal. Maybe try targeting small hotels and places like that and offer your services there.

                  Hope this helps...I'm new at this thing too. I'm trying to start a dessert business that I've started from home but want to turn it into an official establishment.