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    starting a business

    blackgold6 Newbie
      hi my name is rodney and for the last six months me and my wife have developed a business plan for real estate. we found a way to build house for a small amount a rent them out for investment puposes. i have bad credit and i need help to finance the start up of this business that willl have a potential gold mine. can anyone point me in the right direction.


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          blackgold, starting a business, Welcome to this web site
          Great that you have a Business Plan.
          So you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE
          and can point you in the right direction.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            devaney Adventurer
            What part of the country are you from blackgold6? From where I am - it is not the time to get into the real estate market if you have poor credit. I've heard that all lenders have tightened up how they evaluate and offer loans - so you will need the high credit score, documentation to prove that you are financially secure and can afford the loan. So any lender that claims low credit scores, no financial checks - - I would run the other way. There are lots of folks out there who like to turn other people's problems into opportunities for themselves so I'd just be very cautious when you evaluate any potential offers. Good luck.