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    New Virtual Legal Office Business

    VirtualLegal Wayfarer
      I just started my company Tamika's Virtual Legal Office. My advertising budget is a little tight at this moment. How will I get my name out in the public, maintain the professionlism that I want at the same time?

      This is a brief statement of what I'm trying to do in my business:


      Virtual Legal Office is the vision of Tamika Humphreys. She brings 10
      years experience as a knowledgeable Legal Assistant. Her love for the
      law makes her a prefect candiate for all your legal and non-legal
      needs. She provides a variety of services from researching court
      documents, building databases, formating documents, to making last
      travel arrangements<font face="'Times New Roman', Times, s</p>
      <font face="'Times New Roman', Times, serif" size="3">Tamika's
      Virtual Legal Office provides management services of everyday office
      issues, because she loves what she does you are guarantee a high level
      of professional legal assistance.

      Any help would be appecitated

      Tamika Humphreys

      Thanking everyone in advance:)
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New Virtual Legal Office Business, Welcome to this web site and good luck.
          It is great that you started your company. Have you registered with
          the I R S and obtained a Federal I D Number.
          Virtual Office Businesses are new and growing.
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you with
          *an advertising budget and get your
          name out in the public.*
          Have you tried getting your local newspaper to write a story (not an ad)
          about you, your office and your professionalism
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            Revitalize Newbie
            Hello! Congratulations on your new business! I currently started my own virtual business called Revitalize Networking. My main focus is helping new businesses bring in new accounts by calling potential clients.
            Here is some free advice.

            First thing I would suggest:

            *Find a niche. A group that has the highest potential of needing your services.

            *The next thing to do is narrow it down to a specific area (use: so as you talk to people in the same industry you will get to the point that you may have some credibility talking about someone in their same industry thru casual conversation.Your initial contact is to introduce yourself and give your information via email and following up with a phone appointment when it is appropriate to talk about what it is you do.

            This is some of the best networking for no $$. Your welcome to contact me for more suggestions. Go for it!!!!!
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              iMicrobrand Adventurer
              Great Idea!!

              Congratulations! Iam sure you will have incredible success!! No worries about your budget! I can help you position yourself within your Niche market and build your brand in a very straightforward cost effective way. I help Professionals get a handle on their personal brands and coach them in the processes necessary in positioniong themeslves for success. You can contact me if you wish! I will be glad to help you!!

              I just started a new blog geared directly at my practice and that is 100% free!! Feel free to access it as well!!


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