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    A favorite quote...#110

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      Hello. Here is a really interesting quote:

      *+"Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not" Oprah Winfrey</<br />I found this interesting because this was said a while back. While it is a very true, solid statement.....unfortunately now it has become a big Nielsen TV ratings sensation and lucrative advertising business to have show's on television like Extreme Makeover - House Edition and Oprah's Big Give, etc. A far cry from humbly just giving discreetly to do the right thing and not blowing it up publicly.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Those TV shows don't bother me. If viewers tune in, sponsors advertise. If sponsors advertise, production people have income. If production people have income, stores sell things . . . and so on and so on -- i.e., business happens and the world goes ‘round.

          Here's something that does bother me, relative to your quote, that I've seen far too often over the years: Senior managers who show up at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, push the people who've worked there all morning (or all year!) out of the way, so that when the press and cameras arrive three minutes later (what a coincidence!) they can talk about how wonderful they are to be giving up their holiday and sharing their corporate wealth with the less fortunate. When the interviews are over, it's like the start of a NASCAR race to see who can get out of there faster -- the reporters or the executives. Then everything is just like it always was until the Christmas "media op" rolls around . . . and then until the next Thanksgiving . . .

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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Lighthouse, I agree with you. Don't talk about being committed only when the cameras are on. But I also see the irony of the quote - if all that matters is doing good, then shut up and do so without the cameras, fanfare or tv shows. It just doesn't feel totally right. I know individuals who are on the frontline of helping make this world better who never say, "look at me, I'm doing good." I realize these folks are doing good but doesn't it seem a little self serving at times?

              I may be wrong.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  Yes, there are lots of unsung heroes out there -- and yes, the ones who sing their own praises do seem self-serving at times. Even so, if I was really famous or ran a higher profile company, I'd probably actively self-promote the truly good things we did, too. One reason is because every celebrity or visible corporate executive seems to be dogged by dozens of people whose full time job is to follow them around and catch them in the act of messing up. (Who else is going to talk about all the good they're doing in the meantime unless it's their agents and PR departments?) Another reason I'd self-promote is to try to create the public image I believe my associates and I should live up to. The general public doesn't seem to have a particularly high opinion of big businesses or corporate executives (or Hollywood celebrities), so publically claiming that we were somehow "better" than that would put us on the spot to continually prove it, I think -- and that might be good for us. Plus, as puzzleman noted, it might even inspire others. (For the time being, though, we'll stick to "quietly making noise.")


                  Good discussion . . .
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                I understand the concern of not showing off when giving. I agree with your feelings.

                However, I wonder if because of the publicizing of the generosity, does it motivate others to do small somethings? If it does, then it is good thing as good will spread.

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                  Good discussion and posts.

                  I believe the bible talks about this as well. It says something to the effect of, "do a good deed, tell the world, and your reward is on earth. do a good deed and tell no one, and your reward is in heaven".

                  You do not have to be religous to apply this concept to being a "good samiraton".

                  Reminds me of a recent picture in a local newspaper. It was of a business that had donated a sum of money to a good cause. The business had a huge write up, and was held to the heavens for their good works. Unknown to the business, a good amount of people in the community understand they are a dangerous entity, and if they are able will go to another city for services they offer.

                  The only true heros are unknown to us, and my belief is that the ture hero behind someones good deed or service, is God.


                  Here is another quote: "All the bad in my life belongs to me, all the good in my life belongs to God". --- Author Unknown.


                  Once again, you do not have to be religous to apply these the beliefs to business.

                  Thanks for letting me post my view.
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                    I just wanted to say that though I don't always comment on your quotes I always enjoy reading them. Please keep it up.