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    Dynamic Outsourcing - Get Work Done - Do Work for Others

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      Registration is FREE through the end of June 2008, try it and see if you like it.

      Mission Statement

      The Dynamic Outsourcing System is dedicated to making Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) available, manageable, and affordable for small businesses and to providing legitimate work opportunities to business professionals and skilled workers that have been impacted by corporate downsizing.

      Business Processes

      Business processes (e.g., marketing, human resources, accounting, customer service, etc.) within businesses are made up of one or more sub-processes. Customer service, as an example, may have sub-processes for new accounts, customer orders, customer support, etc. Each of these sub-processes may contain additional sub-processes such as customer information entry, order entry, incident reports, etc. Together the a business process and all the sub-processes support a particular function required to operate the business.


      Business processes fall into two major categories:

      1. Standard
      2. Critical

      Standard are those that are common to all businesses within an industry and do not provide differentation of your business from your competition. Critical are those based on your core competencies and do provide differentation to set your business apart from your competition. The 80/20 rule applies here; About 80% fall into the standard category and 20% into the critical category. The critical category is where you should focus your in-house efforts. The standard category should be candidates for *B*usiness *P*rocess *O*utsourcing (*BPO*).

      Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

      Business process outsourcing began to emerge in the 1990's, but has really taken hold in the past few years. Since its inception it has been always been focused on the large corporations, a focus which has continued. Businesses began by contracting the standard business processes to other companies which had the focused skills in the area of the particular business processes. The companies providing support for these outsourced processes have become known as *B*usiness *S*ervice *P*roviders (*BSP*).

      Business Service Providers (BSP)

      Business service providers come in many flavors. Some are focused on a single business process while many now provide support for a wide range of business processes. Some are now providing support via the Internet using the *A*pplication *S*ervice *P*rovider (*ASP*) model where they make their support applications available for businesses to use for a charge.


      Utilizing a BSP can be overwhelming for small businesses. They must negotiate contracts, negotiate service level agreements, and monitor for compliance with both. For many small businesses this overhead requires new skills within the business and may be more costly than supporting a business process in-house.

      Dynamic Outsourcing System (DOS)

      InventionsOnDemand, LLC, a small business itself, is developing the Dynamic Outsourcing System based on the premise that business process outsourcing should be available and manageable for small businesses. The system does this by first supporting discreet work tasks which are a sub-process or even a work task within a sub-process. Things such as data entry, language translation, medical transcription, etc. Data entry may be the entry of a new patient's contact and history information in a physicians office. Medical transcription may be transcription of the results of a patient office visit in that physician's office. Language translation may be the translation of a proposal document for a foreign customer. None of these are a complete business process, they are just discreet work tasks. Users of the Dynamic Outsourcing System that want to have work tasks accomplished for them are known as Requesters . The users of the system which accomplish the work tasks on behalf of the Requesters are known as Providers. A Requester obtains the services of Providers by adding a work task to a Queue.


      Requesters are those seeking to have work task accomplished. Requesters may be individuals or companies.


      The hopes and expectations are that many of the very skilled workers that have been impacted by the economy and corporate downsizing will come on board and make their talents available as Providers. Providers may be individuals or companies.


      Queues are specific to the work task being accomplished (e.g., data entry). Requesters add an entry (work task) to a queue and then manage that work task to completion from the added queue entry. As part of adding a queue entry, the requester will do things such as; set a bidding start date and time, set a bidding end date and time, set an offer price for the work task, enter or upload instructions or descriptions for the provider, upload source material for the provider, etc.


      From the Provider perspective; the provider will see the request (queue entry), bid on the queue entry (work task) if they desire, monitor the bidding process, alter their bid if they desire, etc. If they win the bidding for the queue entry, they will; view the instructions, download the source material, complete the assignment.


      From assignment to a provider until the provider completes the assignment, there is an internal communications feature which allows the requester and provider to communicate with each other. Communication is initiated via the queue entry.

      Currently Available Queues

      The following queues are currently available:

      General Purpose

      This queue should be used when you have a project or work task where there is not an appropriate specific queue available. This queue currently has the following categories:

      • Other (the Requester specifies any category they desire)
      • Accounting
      • Application Design
      • Application Development
      • Bookkeeping
      • Business Development Services
      • Claims Processing
      • Database Administration
      • Database Design
      • Database Development
      • Graphics Design & Development
      • Market Analysis
      • Marketing Research
      • Marketing Services
      • Network Administration
      • Network Design
      • Order Processing
      • Press Releases
      • Periodical Publication
      • Promotion Services (General)
      • Search Engine Registration
      • Web Site Design
      • Web Site Development

      Data Entry

      Language Translation

      General Medical Transcription

      This queue should be used when you have medical transcription where there is not a specific queue available.

      Anesthesia Medical Transcription

      Cancer & Oncology Medical Transcription

      Cardiology Medical Transcription

      Chiropractic Medical Transcription

      Dentistry & Oral Surgery Medical Transcription

      Dermatology Medical Transcription

      Gastrointestinal Medical Transcription

      Geriatrics Medical Transcription

      Neurology & Neurosurgery Medical Transcription

      Ophthalmology Medical Transcription

      Orthopedics Medical Transcription

      Pathology Medical Transcription

      Pediatrics Medical Transcription

      Psychiatry & Psychology Medical Transcription

      Respiratory & Pulmonary Medical Transcription

      Surgery Medical Transcription

      Individual or Company

      Users of the system may register as an Individual User or as a Company. The major advantages of registering as a company if there will be more than one person registering are:

      • Receiving a single bill for the entire company (when billing becomes effective)
      • Receiving a single payment for the entire company
      • Report breakouts by company location, department, etc.
      • Additional functions for managing company locations, departments, and users

      Additional Queues

      Adding additional queues to support the work tasks you require to support your business. These queues will be added as you request them. To request an additional queue, logon to the system as a requester and go to DOS HOME > Requesters > Request Queue and fill out the form. The new queue will first be added to DOS HOME > Requesters > Select Queues as a potential queue for all registered requesters to cast votes for inclusion. Work will begin immediately for all additional queue request. The votes cast by requesters will be used to prioritize development resources if a backlog of request exist.

      Payment For Services Rendered

      There was a great deal of feedback from Providers during the BETA TEST wanting assistance in receiving payments for the services they render to Requesters. With the Internet, requesters and providers are located all over the world. If proper due payments are not made, it can be very difficult to collect from them.


      Although the Dynamic Outsourcing System DOES NOT and CANNOT take responsibility for payments to Providers, the system does provide function to better insure requester resources for payment are available. As an example; When bidding is complete for a queue entry (work task) the requester's account must contain sufficient funds to pay the provider's winning bid price. If the funds are not available in the requester's account, the requester is required to make a payment sufficient to pay the provider prior to the queue entry (work task) being assigned to the provider. This type of function does not come without additional cost and overhead. PayPal charges the Dynamic Outsourcing System fees for receiving money and paying money. As a result, both requesters and providers are charged a transaction percentage (currently 10%) to offset development, maintenance, and support for the function and the PayPal fees associated with them.

      The Vision

      What follows is the future as it is envisioned by InventionsOnDemand, LLC for the Dynamic Outsourcing System. This is not a commitment to providing any function or providing it as described here. We want to be open and upfront with you about our ideas for the system. This is an effort to let you know what the current thinking is, some possibilities for the future of the system, and most of all, to solicit your input and feedback. I have been involved in the computer industry, software development, software sales, and the Internet (since 1965). I have had my share of failures and successes. The successes *always *come when you listen to the users and respond to their requirements. Talk to us; I assure you we want what you want! Tony Fulford, President and Chief Technology Officer, InventionsOnDemand, LLC


      First and foremost will be the addition of the queues (work task) you require to support your business. You request them, we develop them! There will be no charge for the additional queues unless they are specialized (custom). In parallel there will be the addition of custom forms to support input for your queues (work task) where you require them. *You request them, we develop them! There will be a charge for custom forms. The pricing has not been finalized. You will specify your custom form to use in the QUEUE PREFERENCES* for the queue. Once the inventory of queues (work task) becomes large enough, support for WORKFLOWS will be developed. Workflows will allow you to link two or more queues to build complete support for business processes, i.e., link the sub-processes to support a complete process. At each of the sub-processes you will have the capability to bid the work task out or have it processed by internal staff. Then there will be the capability to have the work task reviewed and approved by designated personnel prior to advancing to the next sub-process.


      When Web Services (http:/ or mature to the point that they merit inclusion, they will be made available for your use. The exact nature of how you will locate them and include them for your use has not been finalized.

      *+The way to work, and get work done, from now on!+</stro<br />
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          Tony, GREAT Marketing - Dynamic Outsourcing - Get Work Done -
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          Will look into registering.
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              The Dynamic Outsourcing System (DOS) is very unique among websites on the Internet. I think if you will register and experience the function that is available and the way the function is presented to the users, you will agree that it is different from any other website you have ever seen.

              The DOS was four (4) years in development and ran a BETA test from October 2002 until July 2003, at which time it went live. After analyzing the results of the BETA test, I found that over 98% of the work was being won by Providers outside the United States. As a result of that, I disabled the website and have left it disabled until about three (3) weeks ago (almost 5 years). I feel I have now given the American workers ample time to decide to compete with the global community.

              The DOS allows a user to be logged on as two (2) different types of users simultaneously. It allows these 2 user logons to do SESSION SWITCHING between the 2 logons.

              There are too many functions provided by the system to go into them here, but just go to the home page and under Registered User Fastpath, select Requester - Manage Projects (you do not have to be logged on). Now, look at the navigation bar on the left side of the screen and scroll down and look at the function that is available to each user type.

              To go there now: