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Little League Sponsorship as another Marketing tool?

MnlyTechnlgy Novice
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Does anyone know how to find or have information on sponsoring a Little League or other sport team? I heard from someone during a seminar I attended that this was a great way to get your name out (since recognition is important) and was fairly cost-effective? I looked at the main Little League website for some information, but there wasn't anything specific listed and the few coaches I have talked with have no clue where the sponsorships get generated from.

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    LUCKIEST Master
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    Little League Sponsorship is another GREAT Marketing tool.
    Years ago when I had a Recruiting Company, we sponsored a local Little league Baseball Team
    and it was fun seeing our name all over town with the kids wearing our shirts all summer long.
    It is a Great marketing Tool. Start with Coaches, Ask who and how the teams get made up.
    Try the Chamber of Commerce or other sponser's of teams.
    Get your local newspaper to run a story about your company and how you wish
    to wish to sponsor a Little League Team. Then you get a story, and info.
    Good luck, LUCKIEST
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      MnlyTechnlgy Novice
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      LUCKIEST - Thank you so much for the information. I have tried asking some of the coaches, unfortunately they are pretty much given a team when there are enough kids to form one. They have no idea where the process actually begins. I also asked the local recreation departments, they were no help. I have not asked the Chamber (for which I am a member), so I will do that as well. The local newspaper is also a good idea. I may start with a press release to see if there's anything that gets generated from that. Thanks again ... guess I have my work cut out for me ... :)
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    I think it depends what you are trying to promote. For example: I worked in marketing at a fast food company and we did sponsor heaps of kids with branded shirts and food vouchers every week. We gave away thousands of dollars in free food. I dont believe it made any difference to whether people developed any loyalty for our product. And when we said no and didnt give any vouchers, they just went straight to McDonald's and asked them. Also, with childhood obesity being such a public issue now I would definitely discourage food companies from this type of sponsorship.

    I would recommend looking for other ways of sponsorship (ie not kids) - look at your product, your audience and work out a method connection that will encourage the best result for your marketing goals.
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      MnlyTechnlgy Novice
      Currently Being Moderated - I am not only looking to support my business with another marketing avenue, but to find a way to give back to the community as well. My thought is if there are kids who want to play ball but don't have a sponsor, why not offer the sponsorship. It benefits the kids and enables them to play ball (which gets them outside doing something active) as well as benefits our company by getting our name to other areas. We provide a service, not food related, so I don't think there's any harm in aiding to the child obesity rate.
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    baseballmom Newbie
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    I understand you don't want to sponsor a little league team from California due to the distance between states. Would you consider sponsoring a team from Michigan? We are traveling to Cooperstown, New York. We would prefer monetary sponsorship. We would, in turn, place the name of your business on our team banner that will be displayed for the duration of our stay in Cooperstown--approx. 8 days. If you are interested in more information, please let me know.




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    Bridge Expert
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    If your local little league is a member of the National Little League Association they are required to have a Board of Directors who should be able to help you. If this information is not on their website, ask the coaches who the league President is.

    Depending on the league, you can "sponsor" a team and have your name on the shirts and/or by advertising on dugout and outfield signs, website etc.

    Our legaue (I coach) sell advertising on the outfield fence, website, dugout, etc.

    I like your idea of helping kids who might not be able to afford to play. Perhaps your company could develope a "scholarship" or "adopt" a kid program where you also help buy equipment for certain kids - the league should support you in this. It is always very sad when kids can't play becasue it cost too much to join or they join but don't show up with a golve becasue they can't afford one!

    Most leagues are oprtae on a shoe string budget and anything you can do to help would be apperciated. Perhaps join the board and help drum up more advertisers!
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    Chris Newbie
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    Where do you live? We are looking for sponsors. Our league is in San Jose, Ca. Silicon Valley.

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