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    need loan to start a social networking site

    LouisRoyal Newbie

      I would like to know
      where can i get an investor or loan to start a Social networking company?

      Me & my brothers have came up with an great idea to open a new social-networking company.
      The website would be an innovative online community networks that help users find quality people, who are keen to know about each other. The community network connects like-minded people, sharing their common interests andbackgrounds. users would join groups, where thy can find the immediate relevance to their lives and interests. The success of the sites, such as, MySpace, Myyearbook and Tagged has been overwhelming.


      The idea was seed provides the right social network software tools for the members to communicate and make new friends. It would preferably have the features of emailing, blogging, instant messaging, and a space for Our member profile and we also have came up wit new ideas like Store, Blogs, Invites, Match, Live Chat, Game, TV, Music, Film, Comedy (ect) . We have done a lot of research in order to find out the social networking software that We are going to use. also Research what could be added to our community software, so that the network site that we want to start is different from the others, offering services which would attract more and more people to our web site.