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    Looking for a mentor

    insider365 Newbie
      I have previously started several business and all 3 did'nt make it. I recently started another one. I am looking for a business mentor, someone I can call once or twice a week to go over what I am doing and give me some good advice.
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          nishantk Newbie
          Hi Insider365,

          Doing business and doing right business may be way different thing.

          As you are in process of re-evaluation, please look into following opportunities. You can call me to discuss in more details.

          Thanks and Regards,
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Welcome to the community, insider365. Just so we know exactly what you're looking for . . .

            A "mentor" would generally provide guidance (for free) to help develop an individual. A "consultant" would generally provide advice (for a fee) to help develop a business.

            If you decide you're looking for a consultant, I'm one of several in the community who works with small business clients. Please scan our profiles, read some of the advice we've offered to others here, and visit our websites. That will probably give you a "short list" of who could best help you. After that, just get in touch with the possible candidates and see who you "click" with.

            Nobody wants to see you going down a fourth time. Best wishes!
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Hi!!! I am the DomainDiva...Diva of all things domain based! I have been self employed for 12 years as an aircraft records and maintenance consultant and am now doing the 'tech start up'. I have been abused enough by the more knowledgeable business people I know and would be more than happy to listen, help out and advise!. My contact info is on my profile.

              Give me a shout this evening. I start traveling this weekend for a 747 lease return but email is always available!
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Welcome to this website. I am a SCORE Counselor and would be happy to help mentor you FREE.
                Do you have a WRITTEN Business or Marketing Plan?? I could be that someone you can call to go over what you
                doing and give you some good FREE advice.
                Please email me at " " and include a phone number.
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                  intechspecial Ranger
                  I would have to say your best bet for a business mentor would be someone from SCORE or the US Small Business Administration.

                  Both have offices in all parts of the country, and both are offer advice for free.


                  I am by no means a business advisor, but would not mind networking with you to discuss business.

                  Visit my companies website or drop me an email.


                  Welcome to the community!
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                    CEO Space Scout

                    Welcome to the forum.

                    I have mentored many people all over the world to success for no fee. I retired 5 years ago from my own successful businesses.

                    I would be willing to talk to you and find out a bit more about you and see if we are a match.

                    No commitment yet, just to start a conversation and find out more about each other.

                    Email me at
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                        gymrat Adventurer
                        Hi CEO Space,

                        I am interested in hearing about the type of people you've mentored in the past. And could you also explain a bit more about the successful businesses you retired from? Like everyone else here, I too want to start my own business and want to learn as much as I can. Thank you.
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                          SB.i2i Newbie

                          CEO Space,
                          I recently posted a message regarding seeking expertise in marketing our product. If interested in helping, would like to communicate and get your feedback. Please review the latest post for more information.
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                            billionare Newbie

                            Hello Kathy,

                            My Name is Dominique Nicole I am an acessory designer based out of Atlanta GA and I am looking for a mentor. I have set up my eccomerce store for the first steps of my business and would like to have a brick & motor location within the next year would be nice!!!

                            I would love to get your advice and insight so I do preventative maintaince in my business..


                            thank u so much!
                            Have a beautiful weekend!
                            Dominique Nicole
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                            TGA000 Wayfarer
                            What sort of biz are you working on now? What were the problems with the last ones?

                            Shoot me an email or something. I'm not sure if the mentor thing will work, but I've been in your shoes enough times to maybe shed some light on a few ideas!

                            Never hurts to chat.
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                              meek10 Wayfarer
                              Hi! I suggest that you try the product that I am promoting and visit the website and you may be interested to know about doing a business that would help out keeping the body energetic and look young. Am new in the business and tried the product, its really great. My email ad is
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                                WITrading Wayfarer

                                From what I am gathering from the information that you have given, sounds like you have started more than one business. If this is the case, i would suggest going back to your first business and see where you had problems, do the same thing with each one of the business you have started. The only way to succeed is to fail.


                                If you are interested please visit our website at
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                                  lalithabrahma Adventurer
                                  "I have previously started several business and all 3 did'nt make it. I
                                  recently started another one. I am looking for a business mentor,
                                  someone I can call once or twice a week to go over what I am doing and
                                  give me some good advice"

                                  1. It is good to take one step backwards and then move two steps forward. Probably you might want to sit down and write down why do you feel that you didnn't make it. May be you have not chose the right type of business.
                                  2. What is the nature of your business? I have written an article based on my experience. Hope this helps.
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                                    fccgold12 Wayfarer
                                    Try us if you are interested in our business.

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                                      intechspecial Ranger
                                      I could also use a business mentor, but would need someone that is in the same industry as myself.

                                      If you know of how I can get this type of help. please respond.
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                                        iEntrepreneur Newbie
                                        I can uderstand your feelings. I am a graduate student in Entrepreneurship and related subjects. A mentor cannot help you much if you do not know ins and outs of business by yourself. I have developed a system for everyone to acquire the same quality education and training at It is an extensive educational opportunity, hands on skills and networking. Be your own mentor!
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