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    Secured Investments available. High return, short-term.

    TheLoanRanger Newbie
      I negotiate with banks/lenders to stop foreclosures on homes. If the borrower cannot keep their home I have to stop the foreclosure by buying the house or the note. I have more business than I can handle so I am looking for private money investors who want to earn the customary high return associated with this decades old industry (double-digit returns are not unusual). If you qualify, you may also act as a silent partner (passive investor) and share in the profits.


      Retirement money or after-tax dollars can be invested in real estate. Most loans are short-term but can be kept invested year round. All loans are secured by real estate with equity.

      You may also invest in secured mortgages.

      Stop risking your money in stocks and bonds and invest in select properties.
      I have never lost a dime in real estate. You, too, can benefit from my expertise.

      David Scott, President
      The Loan Ranger, LLC (866) 731-1905