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    Looking for an Investor for my Company

    b12345 Newbie
      Hi, I am in need of an investor for my Clothing company. The company was created in May of 05 and has grown to become very successful. Does anyone know if there are websites to hook up with potential investors? If you are looking to invest in a great company please feel free to contact me for details. Thank you!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for an Investor for my Company. Welcome to this web site.
          Tell us more. Where are you located?? You have been in a successful business for 2 and a half
          years, So why do you need investors NOW??
          Do you have an Accountant?? Business and marketing Plan
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              b12345 Newbie
              I have just recently hired an accountant. I have a basic business plan, and I do not have a marketing plan on paper. Although, I do have contacts with Public Relations companies, which would be the route i would take for marketing (ranges between $3k-$5k per month). The reason we need an investor, is because we need working capital. We are in competition with multi-million dollar companies, and we are unable to keep up with them in trade shows, development, marketing, etc.. All money we have made has either been put into back into the company, or used for production costs.

              The clothing company is based out of Los Angeles, and is 99% produced in Los Angeles. We are in contact with consulting firms that deal with department stores, and are on the boarder line of becoming a national company. Without money for development or production costs, its almost impossible for us to keep up or stay in business.
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                  capitalcg Newbie

                  Based on what I have read in your posting, these are my observations.
                  You need working capital to finance your growth.
                  You are looking for an equity investor.
                  A better option for you to explore first would be to find a lender who can fund you based on your track record.
                  This would be cheaper and quicker for you in the long run.

                  If you need more information, please email We will be glad to guide you further.
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                walterdon Newbie
                do you you have a good plan and net worth do email me
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                  BlurbLive Newbie

                  Hello from New Zealand


                  Do you have a website/presence?


                  I have only recently registered here and must be honest to also say that I am not in a position to invest in your venture as I also soon plan to seek investors for my project/s, but, I may be able to/would be very interested in promoting and selling your clothing range in Australia and New Zealand etc from my website.


                  If this is any help for you then please contact me ... by way of my profile or if this isn't possible here on this site then please let me know here and I shall post my email address.


                  May hear from you soon, if not, good luck with your adventure.