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    a loan

    TOTAL LAWNS Newbie
      My name is Anthony Clark,I'm in the lawn service business.I started my business three years ago.I have a good customer base but bad credit.I'm looking for a small loan or an investor.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Anthony, Welcome to this web site. You are in the lawn service business. Started three years ago.
          Sounds good. What is a Small Loan?? For What?? and for How Long??
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              TOTAL LAWNS Newbie

              Luckie,Thank you for your interest.A small loan is between five and ten thousand.The funds would be used to buy new equipment,on hand cash,payroll,etc.Repayment would be in the form of monthly payments for an agreed amount of time.
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              CEO Space Scout
              Total Lawns,

              Welcome to the forum.

              Check out

              Also, take a look at your credit situation. Very often times people ignor it because of something bad that has happened in the past when current activity has a higher "weight" in your current score.

              If you have no current credit, get a small secure card and keep the balance at about 40% of the total available and make ALL of the payments on time.

              Do this as you can with 2-3 cards and in 2-6 months things will start to improve. There are lots of other
              tips to improve your credit too. This way, in a year from now, things could be a lot different.

              Good Luck,
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                bankpig Adventurer

                I hope you are taking steps to fix your credit. Loans are usually out of the question without a decent FICO. Have you considered tapping into the customer base you've built?