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    Using Paypal to accept credit cards- can I do that?

    mccoyphotos Newbie
      We own a photography business and primarily our clients are paying for a service rather than a tangible product. For example, they are paying for a "package" that may include our services and some products that we design such as albums. I looked on the paypal website and it looks appealing to someone who is getting their feet wet on the merchant services side of the business but I cant tell if this is just for businesses that operate on E-bay or selling products verses services. Does anyone know?
      I want to get set up to accept credit cards but I dont want to be locked into a contract. HELP!
      Thanks for the advice!
      mikemccoyphotography- owner
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          NatOnline Tracker
          Hello MC and welcome to this form.

          If you've got a BoA business checking account, you should take a BoA merchant service to accept credit cards. They run the transactions fast and you don't have any contract like other banks.
          Now if you want also a Paypal account for free, it is your choice, some people like them.

          Good luck
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            websolutions Tracker
            Yes, Paypal is the easiest way to incorporate an eshopping cart on your website. Depending on how often Paypal changes their rates/terms and the state you reside in, you can expect to pay anywhere from 2 % to 4% in fees from the total dollar amount posted in your account. Keep in mind that the fee is automatically deducted from each sale.

            Creating a paypal "buy now" or "add to cart" is very easy and one should visit the following link: before they move forward with it.

            If you need help or have specific to your business questions, let me know, I have solid experience in this section.


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              creditguy Newbie

              I accept Paypal exclusively on business cash flow in the seven figures.

              Not only do they provide a good deal on merchant service with no contract, but once we got going with them, I stopped accepting all other forms of payment from new customers.

              We do all business online. We found that using paypal kept us out of arguments regarding stolen credit cards and identities, because Paypal handles all of that for us. When you take paypal, you don't take any credit card information from the customer. This gets you off the hook when something goes wrong. We consider Paypal to be an entire department, not a just merchant account.

              Other reasons I like them:

              Completely online interface
              Instant client refunds
              More users than there are people filing tax returns
              Instant credit to account
              reduced fees when paid from clients who already have the funds on deposit with paypal
              high interest paid on float by Smith Barney
              MC access to float, with 1% rebate on card usage

              I could go on. In my opinion, they completely eclipse traditional merchant accounts.