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    Do you allow FEAR to make you Negative? Is Failure Bad?

    sotoappliance Wayfarer

      There are so many folks that come to me to talk about their ideas for opening up shop. The main problem that I see is that most folks have FEAR and this fear stops them from progressing.


      It is a 3 step process: The 1st step is where it all begins with a THOUGHT and to me that THOUGHT comes from something that is greater than me. That greater power communicated with me through a dream where I saw myself doing what I am doing now. The 2nd step is to take the first part and put it in writing. Take it from the brain and put it in black and white. While in the process of doing this, you LEARN even more about your dream. Okay, now you had the vision and have it in writing as a business plan, architectural drawing, etc. The 3rd Step is the one that MANY CANNOT DO and the is to PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN and......................................DO IT!!! THe main reason for not being able to DO IT is FEAR! Now, the folks that I know that completed step 3 and are up and runnibg ALL said the same thing!
      They would kick themselves in the Butt and said "WHY DID I NOT DO THIS A LONG TIME AGO"? Not literally, but you know what I mean. You see tey realized that it was THEMSELVES that was the holding factor. YOU are holding YOU.
      Here is a little it about FAILURE. From the time you were born you were taught to understand that failure is bad. Well, to me failure is good because if you study why the failure happened, you will become a STRONGER human being and do BETTER next time. Learn from your mistakes and become better for it.
      Only the greater power is perfect and not humanity.
      So, study what your dream is is step 2 and PLEASE, GO FOR IT and become financially free.
      Oh! before I forget........PROMISE that if it works for you that you will share that knowledge with someone else. Help others instead of being SELFISH.
      Have a beautiful day folks!