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    Trademark help!

    FashionGal Wayfarer

      How do I trademark the name of my store?

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          score81 Adventurer

          To Trademark your store name, do the following:


          1. By using name of your Store, you can establish legitimate rights right to use the trade mark.


          2.Any time you claim the rights in a trade , you may use the trademark letters as "TM" to tell the public that this is your trade mark. It is not rquired you register it or don't register it.
          3. Use of Federal registration symbol (R) can only be used by registration and getting approved by USPTO. You must get approval copy before use it.
          4. To file the Trade Mark visit the USPTO website at and read through the procedure how to file the trade mark application.
          5.You can hire an attorney to do this job. But it is not required.
          6. If you hire attorney, then USPTO will corrospond with attorney.
          7. If you want to file then you need to prepare the application and submit it to uspto. Remember you must comply with all requirement of the trade mark statue and rules.
          7. USPTO web site has detail about fee's.
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            Hi there,

            You can learn how to trademark your business name/domain name at This web site is owned by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Hope this helps

              Should I Trademark My Business Name?



              Face it, there are some times when being big, or at least LOOKING big, can be an advantage when you're in business. Some of your customers and some of your suppliers think that BIG means more reliability, a better price and higher quality. WE know that's not necessarily true, but if making your company look bigger brings more customer orders, you may want to consider doing the things that will provide that look.


              One of the easiest moves you can make, though the cost can vary greatly, is to incorporate. Mary Jo's Creations, Inc., has a more "big business" feel than Mary Jo's Custom Dolls. Please consider the tax implications before you incorporate, though, and make sure that it is right for your business.


              Another good opening move is to get a good graphic artist to design your company's logo. Logo costs can range from inexpensive to "if you have to ask, you can't afford it!" so shop carefully. Please bear in mind that graphic artists can be better at some subjects than at others. Even if your sister-in-law who does the cute logos for the local specialty toy businesses can give you a great break on price, she may not be the best bet for your computer software company. Take a look at the designer's portfolio to see if any of the work shows a style that looks right for company logo.


              This is something that recently experienced. We have been using the name "Venture Consulting" as a dba (doing business as) in the state of Colorado for several years but found last fall that the state had given it as a corporate name to another company two years after we first began to use the name. So although we were allowed to continue using it as a dba, we chose to change the name of our company to because we already had as our established domain.


              Bottom line? If you're using a DBA, you may be unable to prevent a junior user from using the same name in your state, although you may continue use it. If someone is already using the name you choose, you could be liable for damages and might be caught up in an expensive legal suit, so it's worth checking things out to make sure you can use a name.

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                Beneliath Newbie
                i used to get a trademark registered for a t-shirt design and was very happy ... especially with the price!