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    Startup Money

    new2buz Newbie

      We are considering taking out a personal loan to finance the startup of our new business. Please share any advantages or disadvantages to this thought.

      Can we pay off the initial personal loan later with a business loan?

      We are very new to business and any imput will be appreciated.
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          CEO Space Scout

          Wecome to the forum.

          Well, although I don't recommend it now because at CEO Space we teach the methods of raising capital
          and joint venturing, I have to say, in the early days, I used whatever personal funds and credit I had to
          launch my businesses.

          Would I do that now? No. Because as I said, I know better now.

          Also, I knew that I was going to make a go of it no matter what. I know, a lot of people say that.

          But this is after I was prepared. I went to the SBA and did their questionaire to see if I was really cut out
          to be an entrepreneur. Even though I knew I was, who knows, maybe I wasn't.

          And also, I want to make this aside note, I was just talking to another serial entrepreneur friend of mine today and I said, I have never seen any business survive and support someone when they keep a job.
          And neither had she.

          Now, don't go off a do anything crazy based on what I've said. I don't even know you. lol

          But that is my input.

          Good Luck.

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              new2buz Newbie
              Thanks CEO Space,Katy

              My husband is retiring from the military and want to start his own business. We were not sure of the legal problems we could incur if we paid the personal loan off with the income from the business. I've read enormous time to keep your personal and business money separate, but was not sure if in the beginning with no other options what would be the worst that can happen.

              Anyone else as some personal experiences to share....



              We have taking the first step today and obtain an EIN. Next hurdle registering as an LLC and financing.
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                  CEO Space Scout

                  Don't get me wrong. You need to keep your personal and business funds separate. You should have separate bank accounts and lend the business the money and account for it.

                  You can borrow the money and then loan it to the business. Then the business pays you
                  back and you pay the loan back.

                  Do you have an idea of what you want to do? A business plan? A team?

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                Green Biz Newbie
                I have recently made some mistakes with my start up. I would be leary of any high interest loans. I would write a business plan and present to some banks big and small, global and local. I was given some advice that I have not followed yet. I have been told that you can present your plan to MIT in Boston. Present it to them and they will rip it apart. Take notes and go and work out the kinks, then bring it back to them until they do not have issues with it. I do not know if they still do this but the idea being that you need to write a business plan and present it to those more experienced than yourself and see what kind of critisisim you can drum up then rewrite until you succeed. Just dont borrow any high interest money.