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    Signed Promissory Note 2 days ago, How Long Until Funds Are Deposited?

    year10k Wayfarer

      I've seen a few posts reporting that after signing promissory note on Friday 5/1 or Saturday 5/2, funds were deposited later the same day or even on Sunday 5/3.  I signed on Saturday 5/2 very early morning, but have not yet received the email that the note was approved or the funds deposited.  Each time I sign in to online banking on a computer or phone, I keep getting a reminder popup that says, in part:


      "Important Update - Your PPP loan is almost ready - You must complete and sign the attestation form and promissory note before we can approve your loan and disburse your PPP loan funds......"


      At the end it says "If you have recently completed these steps, please disregard this message".


      Mostly just want to see if anyone else, that already signed the attestation and promissory note in online banking, is also getting the above popup each time they sign in, to make sure it's normal and not a sign that something did not "take" with my signing of the forms on Saturday.