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      Greetings everyone! My name is Christian, I recently started my consulting business dedicated to health improvement, and I'm so glad to join your community.
      I like to share and learn, and it seems to be a perfect place for a small business owners.


      Long story short: I've been working as a writer for five years, and I worked from 22.00-5.00/6.00 every week. I thought it was less stressful for me, though I got serious health problems in the result since I was messing with my sleep pattern. No need to remind, that burnout is a process that begins with prolonged levels of stress, and if you can't achieve a better sleep, then you can't relax properly. It was a disaster, so I created my personal project, Talkaboutsleep, where I wrote about my issues, progress and shared some tips with readers. Since it was an interesting topic, I then started my consulting business. At the beginning it was nothing but a small community dedicated to healthy sleep, yet  now we have a team of experts who are ready to help those who live with a sleep disorder or need advice for their loved ones.

      Because we're a small company, there are just six of us in here. But I must confess, that was a whole new experience for me - to switch from a freelance journalist to content manager and project owner. So I have some tips to share with my potential colleagues (I'm talking about fellow writers and journalists).
      I would like to share with you some articles about productivity as well - is that's possible, of course.


      - Christian Flapton

      14480 Ewing Avenue South

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      United States

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