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    Proven Benefits of Call Center Software in the Travel Industry

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      Since technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, it has also turned into a necessary tool for the proper functioning of all sectors; whether it is for business or leisure. The travel and tourism sector are no different.


      With the increasing demand in the travel and tourism sector, the industry needed a management system to help provide and resolve the queries and concerns of clients. From booking tickets for flights and hotels to providing holiday packages for activities and resolving the clients’ grievances during their trip, companies introduced call-center teams for fast and appropriate query resolutions.


      According to experts, online bookings for travelling are already above 57%; which included flights, accommodations, activities during the trip and tours of the destination. They have also predicted ( that in the coming decade the turnaround of the digital travel space will shoot up to $11.5 trillion. Booking all the things has become convenient more than ever and that is not all. All these services also come in consolidated packages for the convenience of the travelers.  These packages can also be tailored according to the plans of the traveler for a customized travel experience in the best possible price.


      A call center is not just about hiring people who would receive and resolve queries through telephones. There are multidimensional aspects to it, which include troubleshooting, monitoring, providing services, and keeping a track of transactions and incurred costs. All of this required an efficient system which could minimize manual tasks and provide a comprehensive assistance solution for the agents. Ergo, the need of a call center software. Popularly known as Customer Relationship Management or CRM Software, it is an extremely efficient tool that helps client multitask smoothly.


      Call center software is customizable to specific needs, for instance, if a travel company requires to maintain data of the customers along with being able to sell packages and tickets, and troubleshooting, then they can choose a software management system which combines the sale of hotels and flight ticket along with customer service and troubleshooting.

      Apart from these, it also helps monitor calls and record conversations for quality monitoring purposes and boost efficiency.


      Considering the significant role that the call center software plays in the travel industry, here are some of the proven benefits of this ‘call center software’:


      1. 1. Better Customer Service Management

      When the clients need help in selecting their holiday packages or when they are facing any issues during their trip, the company’s helpline is the first PoC they would opt to receive professional assistance. When the customers call with their queries and concerns, they expect that the travel agency provides them with a resolution quickly and in a professional manner. This is where call center software comes handy. The software then routes the calls to different department based on the category of the query. Apart from this, the tool also facilitates agents to collect, access and exchange data in a quicker manner to process and provide resolutions seamlessly while also cutting the waiting time of customers.


      1. 2. Enhanced Reporting and Planning

      The call center software also offers advanced reporting for management. It facilitates business managers with the necessary tools required to plan and strategize along with making important decisions. The reporting features also provide management, the necessary tools to monitor and update upsell rates, case time, revenue per call, case categories etc.


      1. 3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

      It is well known that call center software helps in amplifying the overall productivity and allows calls to be handled efficiently. Both inbound and outbound calls can be handled efficiently, which means, that your travel company can both sell travel packages as well as resolve the queries of customers simultaneously.


      1. 4. Improved Access to Data

      Call center software also helps the agents to access client information, along with purchase and service history. All the modifications and updates can be logged systematically and can be retrieved conveniently. This helps the agents interact with customers in a more prompt and comprehensive manner.


      1. 5. Enhanced Communication

      Since the software provides a centralized database, agents across departments can access, communicate and share data through updates. For example, the executives in sales department can share updates regarding sales with others from their department while customer service executives can monitor and keep a track of open, pending and closed cases of their colleagues so that they can take appropriate actions for query resolution.


      1. 6. Decreased Costs

      With increased productivity, and efficient resolutions, a travel agency can reduce its costs. If your travel company integrates a predictive dialing feature with the call center software, the costs incurred will drop significantly. The main reason of this is the automation of dialing feature and the recording of all the vital call activities incorporated in the software itself. This ensures lead management and minute details such as the ideal time to call customers and providing necessary statistics to boost sales without installing unnecessary additional expensive hardware.


      1. 7. Sales and Analytics

      One of the biggest features of a call center software is it helps drive sales in an efficient manner. With the help of this software, sales executives can efficiently take care of pre-sales queries of the clients. By looking at their previous purchases and queries related to tickets, hotels or destinations, the executives can recommend packages that suit the taste of the clients resulting to a fruitful conversion.


      1. 8. Enhanced Customer Experience across Channels

      The primary focus in Travel and Tourism business is customer experience and satisfaction. A customer will be satisfied if their query is resolved in a seamless manner along with a personalized touch. Hence, the software streamlines the processing of client information, thus increasing customization and helping retain your customer while ensuring your customer’s loyalty towards the company.

      The database management system also helps you record, study and evaluate calls and the feedback left by customers. Query resolution can be monitored and improved by focusing on weak areas during the call, thereby ensuring a better customer-agent experience.

      1. 9. Top-notch Security Features

      One of the top concerns of travel business is data security. From the database of clients, to ticketing and hotel information; everything needs to be kept secure to avoid misuse. Hence, the call center software also provides top-notch security and discretion with the help of encryptions. With state-of-the-art security tools in place, it is virtually impossible to circumvent the data. The security features also have authorization and security protocols to protect the valuable data of your clients as well as of your company.


      1. 10. Benefits of Cloud Storage

      Since most of the travel and tourism companies are moving to cloud storage instead of physical servers, crashing, loss of data and data syphoning have become a thing of the past. All the travel-related information and history of specific clients can be retrieved in a matter of seconds, through the virtual storage solutions.


      Wrapping Up…

      Most of the travel companies vouch for a state-of-the-art call center software for the reasons. Searching a call center software that suits your requirements is necessary and hence, a thorough market research is advised. A good software won’t just help you in the client management but will also help in analyzing and improving the quality and efficiency of your business and employees.