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    Branded Wholesale Clothing Startup

    duboisc Newbie

      Hey everyone!


      I wanted to ask a quick, but essential advice.


      Is anyone experienced enough to provide me with few insights on drop shipping luxury (or branded) clothes. In short, I'm planning on opening an online store to sell the stuff from famous brands e.g. Armani, Versace and so on, and I think I found a reliable clothing supplier in a Swedish-based supplier - They are overseas, but the shipping's free and I intend on making some profits, although my home is in Allentown. I did my research via TrustPilot reviews and they seem legit. So, my questions are:


      1. Can I open my company using my home address

      2. Is there any tax return for small businesses?


      Thanks in advance!

        • Re: Branded Wholesale Clothing Startup
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Hi Duboisc, Yes you can open your company using your own home address.

          If you are in business there are all kinds of taxes, from Sales Tax to Income Taxes.

          The best FREE advice is that anybody doing into business should retain a banker, an accountant

          and a lawyer.

          Yes It costs money to hire a professional, but over the long run, you will sleep better

          and the professionals will save you money and headaches.


          Good luck, LUCKIEST