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    Dealing with Customer Complaints

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We have all heard the comment: "the customer is always right".  And while you can remember occasions that the customer was not right, consider the cost to your business to get into any confrontations - are they worth it?


      So you have had a customer complaint and are confronted with how to deal with it - or do you just ignore it and move on?


      After searching through our archives to see what offerings I could find, it surprised me that there is a wealth of information available.  Here are a few:

      Dealing with Customer Complaints

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      Want to read more?  Enter: customer complaints in the search area and read more.


      We would be interested in hearing from you too!  How do you handle customer complaints in your business?  Share with us some of our success stories - we would enjoy celebrating with you.



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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          This is a great topic, Cath!  With the immediacy of social media, it's more important than ever to deal with customer complaints in a timely matter before a small complaint spreads and possibly even goes viral before you may even be aware of it.  If your small business has other employees it's important that they are aware of the urgency to report ALL complaints, even if they feel they handled them correctly and/or resolved them.  It's best to follow up with a personal call with the customer as soon as possible.  This not only ensures that the customer is satisfied but fosters a sense to the customer that they, and their business, are valuable and important to you. 


          Remember the old rule, one dissatisfied customer will tell at least 10 people (even more in this age of social media)..who will then tell 10 people..and so on and so forth.  Resolving the complaint promptly - even if you feel it is unjustified - will go a long way in preventing possible public relation disasters.


          I am looking forward to hearing from other members on how they handle complaint resolution - what has worked for them, and even what hasn't.




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            bobbiecarlton Newbie

            Yes, excellent topic. One of my businesses is an online membership-style of engagement and I need to keep reminding myself that people get hundreds of emails, social media messages and posts - and even when we have covered a topic multiple times (or provided clear instructions), even if we know the answer, our customers may have never seen it. Just when we are sick to death of saying the same thing over and over and over again, it MIGHT just be registering for one of our customers. So, we bend over backwards to make sure complaints are resolved ASAP and with minimal fuss for the customer.

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              brownjames Scout

              This topic gave me so much interesting idea how to deal with customer.

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                brownjames Scout

                It is such an useful attempt.