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    Hydraulic lift table for moving machine

    tommaguero Wayfarer

      I own a T-shirt printing business. I started this with friends as just an Instagram account. Now we have our own website and a lot of orders per day. In this beginning, we just did the designs and printed them somewhere else. Later we bought our own printing machine. Now the number of orders are so high and we are planning to buy a new one. We have the money, the main problem with this is something else. The new machine only could be installed on the first floor and we are thinking hard about how to do this. We've thought about renting a hydraulic lift table. But they are not available anywhere near. So right now our only option is to buy one. So I want to know what else we can do with a hydraulic lift table. Do comment your ideas.

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          Moderator BethM Navigator

          Hi Tom!


          Have you checked with your local hardware store? Some of the bigger ones rent out tools and equipment.


          Should you end up buying one, you mentioned that there aren't any available for rent nearby. That might be a new side business venture to look into!


          Otherwise, if you do an online search for Hydraulic Lift Table Uses, there seem to be some handy uses listed.


          Who else here has some ideas on what Tom can do to make it worth his while to purchase a hydraulic lift table?





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            moderator_ani Tracker

            Hi tommaguero,


            Have you considered installing a home lift? They come in various capacities and are relatively less expensive and can be of immense help moving the T-shirt's up and down. They are easy to install and don't require much maintenance. Do a search and see if this can help.


            Please let us know how it goes!