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    Need your advise to improve our website

    john_myre Wayfarer

      Tell us the following things

      1.Do you like the website design?

      2.Do you like our service?

      3.Do you have any recommendation for us?



      Please let us know. We  appreciate your feedback


        • Re: Need your advise to improve our website
          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi John, welcome to our community!  In order for more of our community to see your question, I've moved your post to the General Business area.   I've also marked it as a question so that our members will see that you are asking for input.  We've got a great community here and I am sure that they will be glad to give you some advice!


          You're smart to have others take a look at your website from time to time and to ask for advice.  As you know, your website is a critical factor in determining whether they buy from you or your competition.


          While you're waiting for community input, I encourage you to browse our selection of expert articles regarding maximizing your website's effectiveness. You might start with New Trends in Website Design and 4 Essential Elements Your Website Should Have


          I look forward to hearing more about you and your business, as well as reading our community members advice and tips,