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    Office for a startup

    tommaguero Wayfarer


      I run a startup here in Toronto. We started out a few years back. It has been hard during that time period. Since our technology needed time to mature. We were not able to get any funding. We were working from a garage during this whole period. Now we have got funding and we can afford a new office.


      Even though we have money, we are only planning to spend a small amount of money on a new office. So we have decided to build our office in a shipping container. An architect has agreed to design an office for us using shipping containers. So now we are looking for a company who sells customized shipping containers in Toronto. We are open to all suggestions. Don't forget to tell us why you have suggested a particular company.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi tommaguero, nice to have you.


          Your idea for using shipping containers is really interesting. Have you considered contacting shipping companies directly? They may have resources since they deal with clients looking to use just thought for moving their products.


          Best of luck, let us know how things go,