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    Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

    kathleenwallace Newbie

      Those people who say your university years are the best years of your life forget what it’s like to eat Ramen every day and not having any money to spend on yourself or your clothes. University life can be really hard when you’re poor. For that reason, a lot of us want a job. At the same time, we don’t want to end up flunking out of college because of it.

      That’s a difficult tightrope to walk sometimes, wouldn’t you say? So what are the best jobs to – say – turn that rope into a plank?

      Night receptionist

      This one is for the night owls. There are plenty of hotels that need people on their night desk to make sure that the guests are happy and things don’t go horribly wrong. The thing about this kind of job is that most of the time you’re just sitting around not doing much.

      That’s perfect for those of us who like to study in the small hours.

      Of course, if you are going to consider doing this kind of a job make sure that your boss is actually okay with you studying while you’re on the job. Some are, some aren’t. The only way to find out is to make it clear right from the get-go what you’re going to do. Then you’re on the same page and you can avoid all sorts of problems.


      Got a high GPA? Then why not teach your fellow students? Particularly if you’re teaching those a semester or a year down from you, this is a great way to earn some money and also make sure you hang onto what you’ve learned.

      After all, the best way to learn something is to try and teach it somebody else.

      To be clear, there are many places you can tutor. You can try to find people who want your help among your fellow students at your college. It’s equally possible to find people online to help you out.

      If you do teach online, get in the habit of giving little lectures and recording them. This can save you a huge amount of time down the line as you can send them to multiple students which means you don’t have to teach certain subjects again and again.

      Help fellow students write their essays

      Have you got a real knack with language? Then why not help people write their essays? Yes, for those of us capable of crafting well-written texts it seems strange that other people struggle. That’s probably just the curse of knowledge in action, though. For many people, it’s incredibly hard and they will pay good money to get good advice on what they need to do differently.

      Don’t want to look for clients individually? Then why not find a writing company that you can work for? The experience you build up working for one of these will mean you can apply to the best dissertation service straight out of college and have a good job. Now there is nothing wrong with that!

      Work with a professor

      Do you have a favorite professor and do they like you as well? Then why not go and see if they have some work for you? The great thing about working for a professor is that you generally get some firsthand knowledge in data collection, essay writing and everything else that’s related to university life.

      Even better, they’ll know all sorts of other jobs that you might be able to do if this one doesn’t work out. Honestly, once you’re getting inside you might never have to find another employer again.

      So how do you get in? As already said, approach the professor, contact research labs to see if they need help, contact administration and anything else like that.

      Food and beverage

      There is a good reason a lot of people work in bars or as waiters. That’s because it’s easy to get a job there and the demands are entirely and completely different from what university life demands. In this way, many people end up mentally recharged after a shift.

      You do want to pick the right place though. Because if you select the wrong one then you can end up so exhausted you don’t actually have time to get any work done or so bored that, well, you pretty much don’t end up getting any work done.

      Food delivery

      Got a car and like to drive? Then why not do delivery? Particularly if you’re living in an area where it’s not too crazy to make your way around, spending a few hours dropping off food can be a great way to make some extra bucks.

      As an extra bonus, if you deliver the right kind of food, you’ll know where all the parties generally are so that when you want to blow off steam you just go and ring the doorbell.

      Last words

      There are so many opportunities out there. All you need to make sure of is that you find something that doesn’t actually block all your classes and doesn’t leave you so exhausted that you can’t get any work done. Do that and you’re well on your way to a better life and less debt.

      Do note, the more the job you’re doing is in the directions of your studies, the more useful it will be after you’re done. Unless you have no intention of going in the direction you’re studying of course.