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    What is the best way to market my small group practice on a small budget

    dmassey8579 Newbie


      Can anyone tell me the best way to market my small group mental health counseling practice on a very small budget?  What is the best way to get the word out?  I want the community to see us as "the" place to turn to for mental health.

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          Hello, and welcome to the community! The question of how to begin marketing a fledgling business is a very common one. I hope fellow community members will have some personal stories and insights to help you on your way. You can tell us more about yourself and your practice by posting in our Introduce Yourself forum. Be sure to check our Guidelines to help make sure your posts aren't removed for accidentally violating them.  There are also some great discussions in our Sales and Marketing area, so feel free to take a look around the posted discussions and join in anywhere you'd like.


          What type of marketing are you currently doing to help advertise your business? Do you have a physical location where clients come to you? If so, and if there are other businesses in the area, maybe you could get to know the others and arrange for a bit of a promotional exchange. You could put some cards or flyers in their place of business in exchange for placing some of their advertising information in yours. Some towns also have an advertising circular offering local businesses ad space. These come in our mail every week and have a mixture of promotional pages and coupons. .


          I hope this helps, and I also hope some of our members will offer suggestions and stories about what has worked for them.



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            Moderator Rebecca Guide

            Hi dmassey8579!  Lisa has already given you some great ideas on where to start with marketing on a budget, and I'd like to add a few as well.


            Do you have an active Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and/or Twitter presence?  Social media can be a great way to reach many audiences and can be very cost-effective if done in the right way to get maximum attention.  One of our Small Business experts, Carol Roth, has written a great article that discusses 7 Ways to Boost Engagement from Your Social Media Posts.


            Facebook is one of the top social media sites, and if used in the right way, can certainly help increase the buzz and awareness of your practice.  If you're uncomfortable using Facebook, another one of our Small Business experts, Steve Strauss, has composed another great article you will find helpful:  How to Optimize Your Small Business’ Facebook Page


            Please let us know if you find these helpful, or have any additional questions.  As Lisa stated, we have a great community here that hopefully will add there own experiences.  We look forward to getting to know more about you and your mental health practice!