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    Steel buildings for office

    ricky mpaull Newbie


      We are a start-up from Toronto. We started out in 2015, and we have been operating from a rented office space since then. The first couple of years were hard. The lack of clients and initial costs were coming hard on us. After real hard times recently we got funded and we are planning on moving to our own space.

             The first few years have taught us the value of money. So, even though we are funded, we don't plan to spend a fortune on setting up our own space. While discussing this matter with a friend, he suggested using prefabricated steel buildings. I did an internet research on them found out that he was right. But still, I am confused. Anyone with experience please clarify my doubts.

      How reliable are they?.

      Is there any standard problems with prefabricated steel buildings?.

      How high are the maintenance costs for steel buildings?

      How flexible are they for future expansions?

                            I found a company from Ontario who makes commercial steel buildings here. What are your opinions about them?. Also please suggest similar companies in Ontario. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

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          moderator_mel Tracker

          Hi Ricky,


          Steel buildings for the win! As small business owners, my husband and I love our steel buildings. The possibilities are endless. They’re stout and secure. You can save a lot of money buying a steel building as opposed to renting or purchasing a business suite. Find a reputable and dependable builder (check the internet for reviews) and construction should be a breeze. Maintenance costs are manageable, they may vary slightly since you’re in Canada. Expansions are no problem; a new area can be worked into your existing structure. I hope this helps a bit and good luck to you! ~Moderator Mel