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    Career Changes

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Most career books talk about planning your career change.

      They encourage you to find *exactly* what you want and then make step by step plans to reach this goal.

      Really? No way.

      Real career change happens by serendipity.  Study after study show this is the way it works.

      Lets discuss this subject. Also you need a Business Plan.

      Good luck, LUCKIEST

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          creditgerri Wayfarer

          It's hard to know exactly what you want until you experience it for yourself. And even then there will be things you love and don't love about a career or running your own business. Still relying on pure luck is risky. Plan but be flexible and open to opportunity!

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            moderator_lisa Ranger

            Great suggestions! Another tip I've heard is to find a way to gain income doing something you love to do, so it doesn't feel so much like work. We all know there's more to it than that, but doing what you love sure helps with motivation.


            Does anyone else have any tips or recommendations?