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    Does The age Of Your Corporation Matter

    robloman1 Wayfarer

      The age of shelf corporations do not matter as much as the age of your first business trade line because Experian will use your file established date, The date your first trade reference(business trade line) was reported in. Not the date your business or corporation was established.So what I am saying is the age of your corporation does not matter, it is the age of your first trade reference (business trade line) that matters.

      This throws the aged corporation (shelf corporation) out the window ?

      Credit File Established – Shows the number of years a credit reporting service such as Experian has been collecting data on a pacific company.

      This date may be different from the date the business was established (business establish date)Which refers to when the company first started doing business.

      Example: The business may have been established in June 1977 But the business was not established in Experian credit bureau until June 2017 ( the date your first trade line was reported in)

      Note: The earliest possible “Experian established date is 1977” that’s is as far as Experian goes back.

      A Corporation Is Only As Old As It’s First Trade Reference(business trade lines)

      If you are looking to buy a shelf corporation there things to consider and the date it was established will be of no good to you. Even if the shelf corporations first business trade line has some age, I don’t believe it would be any use to you because of the change of ownership. You would setting up your own trade references not using someone else’s credit.

      Starting your corporation fresh makes more sense because the credit bureau’s are not just going to sit back and close there eyes to this. I understand that everyone is looking for an easy and fast way to build business credit, But truth is your wasting your time with shelf corporations.