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    A Guide to Choosing the Best Background Check Service for Your Business

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      You can pick a background checking service based on the size and type of the business you own. There are two types of background check services to choose from:


      Full service – Provides a comprehensive report, may take several days, adheres to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.


      Online – Offer DIY searches, not as comprehensive, instant results, do not necessarily comply with FCRA guidelines.


      Here are a few rules to keep in mind when searching for a background checking service:


      ·         Of course, the cost of necessary services should be on budget.

      ·         Will they cater to your company’s needs with a package deal?

      ·         Whether the background check is defined as a criminal or a verification search.

      ·         Are the reports easily accessible and easy to read and understand?

      ·         The length of time it takes to get results.

      ·         Are the company’s customer service agents helpful?

      ·         Did you notice any complaints with the Better Business Bureau?

      ·         Do they offer other services such as drug testing or I-9 verification?


      A quick online search will show you a very long list of these companies and a summary of the pros and cons that detail their services and customer experiences. ~Moderator Mel