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    Want Happier Employees?

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      Make a few changes to your policy to facilitate a balanced environment that will allow for a stronger professional relationship.


      ·         Implement a four day work week. This gives small business owners the opportunity to cut costs and boost employee contributions.

      ·         Go with a free time off policy. Cut your turn-over rate by allowing employees to take time off rather than offering sick days or vacation days.

      ·         Offer twenty percent time. Motivate employees by allowing them to work on projects that will benefit the company. This way they can express themselves and feel valued.

      ·         Update your maternity leave policy. This would include both new moms and new dads. For employees who have children in daycare, consider reimbursement plan.

      ·         Create a wellness program. Keep your workforce healthy and productive.

      ·         Share corporate discounts. Make networking with your local business community profitable to your employees.

      ·         Invest in your employees’ education. Contribute to company growth by bringing new skill sets to your company.

      ·         Foster social responsibilities. Be flexible with employees who volunteer. Serving those in need can boost morale.

      ·         Focus on programs that work. Choose to continue with plans that employees respond to, results matter.

      ·         Constant contact. Stay in touch with employees via emails, calls or meetings.


      Do you have a unique plan that enhances your work force productivity? ~Moderator Mel