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    Top 10 Practice Management Software in 2017

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      Practice Management Systems are an integral part of any medical practice. It helps streamline the workflow and increase the overall efficiency of the daily operations. It doesn’t manage just the revenue cycle, but also helps practices stay compliant with the government regulations. There are several options available, so here is a list of the top Practice Management Software to help you choose the best option for your practice. The list has been prepared after a careful evaluation and in-depth analysis of the functionality and features of several vendors.

      • CareCloud: It is a web-based system suited for all practice sizes. Available at a starting price of $349 per month per provider, it comes with a unique design concept that makes the workflow easier. It lets you organize patient charts and information by tabs on the top of the screen, so that you can move back and forth between several patient charts easily. It also has a drag and drop option to integrate the appointments into the schedule easily hence, saving a lot of time. It also allows you to set up and send automatic reminders and map directions to patients via text, phone or email. Its reporting suite also allows you to attach comment threads to the reports and is also available as a mobile app for android.
      • NueMD: Designed for small and medium office sizes, NueMD packs some robust functionality with the highest average first-pass resolution rate. It is a well-rounded software which increases the efficiency of the practice and automates most of the processes. Its billing features scrub the claims for errors before submission which decreases the amount of claims that get rejected saving you a lot of time. It can also track patients’ account balance and send appointment reminders. It also offers 24/7 live support.
      • CureMD: It is an award-winning software which improves the efficiency of the practice so that your staff will be able to deliver the highest quality of patient care. It comes with an advanced web-based technology and is well suited for small and medium sized practices. It has an easy-to-learn user interface. It helps drive subsidy payments that maximize profit. It incorporates the best practices for maximizing value and returns. It also has a voice recognition feature.
      • SimplePractice: One of the highest rated practice management software, SimplePractice also comes with a free trial version of 30 days. It is easy to learn, has a fast development cycle and a clear and intuitive interface. It packs some great features and is also available as a mobile app. It is easy to navigate and gives a smooth work flow. It offers easy options for scheduling and exporting data. It is highly flexible and can integrate complex treatment plans with progress notes. It has automated due-reminders and offers a secure way for online payments and sharing client documents and files.
      • Practice Fusion: A web-based software, practice fusion comes with an integrated suite of features for charting, e-prescribing, patient-scheduling, integration of lab and imaging reports and much more. It is a fully certified system that qualifies for CMS incentives. It was developed to be touchscreen optimised so that users can have complete access to all patient data. It comes with templates that can be customised as per the workflow of the practice and offers support through live chat, phone or email.
      • MicroMD: It is a widely popular software preferred by several physicians for its reliability and a highly configurable suite of applications. It is suited for practices of all sizes and provides access to certified EMR along with robust practice and document management. It packs in the latest technology to streamline processes and can be installed on the premises as well as a web-based solution. It increases data accuracy and offers features like ePrescribing and intuitive patient portals. Its templates can be customised for any speciality and is a highly scalable system.
      • Cliniko: Used in more than 15 countries, Cliniko is a web-based platform which can be used from mobile devices as well. It has a clear and intuitive layout and is easy to navigate. It allows you to record payments in just one step and helps generate customizable reports. It is easy to use and support is offered via the Ideas Button which helps you submit requests. It also offers the patients an online booking facility and for medical practitioners, it offers customisable templates for taking notes. It is a low cost software that can be integrated with accounts and marketing software. It is a highly reliable and secure platform with automatic data backups.
      • Xero Practice Manager: Well suited for small practices, Xero Practice Manager brings a lot of ease to the workflow with total solutions that cover all the operations and powerful tools to manage your workload. It reduces admin overheads by monitoring the work in progress and running reports. It prevents creation of duplicate records and offers accurate time recording. It also helps create customizable reports and comes in a free trial version of 14 days. It makes your medical practice easy with apps that can connect to the platform.
      • Kareo Billing: Suited for small practices and billing services, Kareo can be up and running within 48 hours of signing up. There is neither a contract, nor any setup fees and the monthly rate is low as well. It is a web-based medical billing system that can be updated from anywhere and helps develop customised reports and packs several other features for scheduling patients, confirming insurance, managing delinquent accounts etc. It is a trusted technology with tools that help you get paid faster and with lesser efforts.
      • BestoSys: It is an affordable and very easy-to-use software with a powerful backend support and also offers features for multi clinic management. It can work seamlessly with mobile devices and offers great data security and flexibility. It also has an alerts dashboard which alerts you of overdue tasks, no-shows, lab delays and inventory replenishment. It also has features that let you create a 360 degree view of patient data and enables multitasking without having to leave the page. It also has advanced patient tracking and billing features.

      Bottom Line

      All of these Software platforms come packed with all-in-one features for handling all the tasks from scheduling to billing. They also increase the efficiency of the ways administration and finance are handled. They have great safety and privacy standards and are compliant with the guidelines of HIPAA. These are well-rounded practice management software that can benefit your front-office and back-office staff as well as your providers and patients. Selection of a good practice management suite is imperative for your operations – with a narrowed down list of the top contenders, your choice becomes easier.