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    Discrimination in the Workplace

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      Which situations qualify as workplace discrimination? Let’s examine the following:

      ·         Age Discrimination – Whether you’re a more mature employee or a novice, age discrimination affects employees based on their age. Companies are not allowed to fire an employee due to their age. Here are a few examples of age discrimination:

      o   An employer prefers to hire more youthful employees who are paid less.

      o   An employer promotes younger employees because they feel the company needs “new blood”.

      o   A company announces layoffs and the older employees are with the most seniority are targeted.

      ·         Disability Discrimination – Be it direct (placing barriers to make it difficult for employees with a disability to traverse the workplace) or indirect (preparing memos that make it difficult for employees with a learning disability to comprehend); disability discrimination can be invasive and humiliating. See these examples:

      o   Refusing to accommodate disabled employees with adaptable working conditions.

      o   Probing the employee for information about medical conditions.

      o   Not allowing the employee to be promoted, work better assignments or targeting the employee for layoff.

      ·         Racial Discrimination – When employees are treated differently because of their skin color, culture or nationality, it’s racial discrimination and it’s prohibited by federal law. Here are a few types of racial discrimination:

      o   An employer that fires or denies promotions to an employee based on their race has broken federal law.

      o   A company that pays minority employees less than other employees has discriminated against that employee.

      o   Companies that target employees due to their interactions with minority employees are discriminating.

      Have you witnessed direct or indirect discrimination? If you have, how did you react? I’m interested to know what you think. ~Moderator Mel