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    Tell A Story

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Tell a story. Story comes naturally to most people.

      Next time you're out with friends, notice the way people talk. Story, story, story....and of course, response to story.

      Someone says, "Yeah, the last time I was..." And another person responds, "Yes, that happened to me too. See, last year I was..."

      So moving into storytelling mode automatically gets you writing conversational copy.

      "But my story doesn't have a flow. No beginning, middle and end."

      Not to worry. In fact, marketing stories typically have an outcome, not an end.

      Story can be what follows after you say, "It's like this..." or, "Imagine..."

      Your story can even be a few words.

      When you use storytelling for business, your story has a function.


      Your challenge is to match your story with your purpose.


      Good luck

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi LUCKIEST,


          This is an interesting take on good ways to share information. A good story can keep a person's attention much better than a list of facts. If we can incorporate those details into a relevant story about our business or services, we've got a great way to reach a lot of potential customers.