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    How to market my online bussiness

    leather4u Adventurer

      I am planning to import leather goods and sell on line..


      My biggest concern is how I can market my website


      I know there is Facebook, google ads, youtube



      Is this is the rite way to start to market a new startup company



      should I advertise in Charlotte observer, what about magazines..



      Will i be able to penetrate usa Market. Only one thing is going good for me rite now I know my quality is good and can get it on competitive rates


      Need Suggestions , Thanks in Advance

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi leather4u,


          The decision to market your online services or products locally as well can be a big deal. Local clients may have different needs, and require different management than those who communicate only long-distance. Both situations can be complex, and be sure you take those possibilities into account before deciding.


          Local customers may, for instance, expect the ability to pick up products rather than have them mailed, in order to save postage or to view the items before purchasing them. Of course a business may turn down such requests, stating reasons such as not having an open brick and mortar establishment, but you must be aware of such expectations and prepared to respond to them.


          You may also need to handle sales tax differently for sales within your own state (even online sales), depending on local law, which is important to research and follow.


          If you decide that you wish to market locally and are prepared for any special requirements, you can look into local marketing such as billboards, placards, posters at bus stops or other transit stations you may have in the area, mailers, pamphlets and flyers which can be left at many public venues such as community bulletin boards or a the front of some large supermarkets.


          Let us know about your decisions and progress, we are here if you want to discuss it further, have new ideas to add or share, or just want to hear more thoughts on the issue.


          Thanks for your post, we look forward to hearing more from you!



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            leather4u Adventurer

            Thanks Lee,



            My company which I registered 2015 when I was in AZ.


            Now I am NC , and planning to do my business from here. Its online business should I change the company address or re -register to NC


            As a starter can suggest me what would be target Audience for leather products

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                moderator_lee Navigator

                A business typically will not need to be re-registered due to the owner's relocation, but you'll want to be sure to update contact information wherever needed.


                As far as finding your target audience, the best bet is probably to get involved in some online forums for leather goods and get to know the interested population first-hand. This approach may of course be time-consuming, but there is truly no alternative to engaging directly with those you seek to successfully serve.


                You might also do some online research into what other areas of interest or industries are often brought up together with your company's main products and services to expand your scope.


                Let us know if this is helpful!



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                  moderator_lisa Ranger

                  My first inclination is to suggest contacting a lawyer to represent your business and transfer from AZ to NC to be sure you're still in compliance with all local laws and regulations that may pertain to your business. Good luck with your endeavor, and be sure to keep us posted on your progress!



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                  bryab adams Newbie

                  Your web site need strong SEO. SEO is the world best policy marketing a web site. if you do hard seo for your web site you will get a good result for your business. Its a key to success for your business.

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                    lien23n Wayfarer


                    How about you first sell through Amazon and E bay, while you are building your own website?


                    Also, i deal in hides and skins, if you have some tanneries who are interested in Raw wet salted hides let me know.


                    Thank you

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                      hakan Newbie

                      It is not easy to sell a no name product. You need a lot of good review to start to build client confidence. You can start by offering free or discounted products to some clients or related magazine writers to talk/write about your products. Amazon store can be a great option if you can get decent amount of positive reviews which can be build by offering your discounted items to Amazon users. Good Luck!




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                        automatedlife Adventurer

                        Hey leather4u,


                        It doesn't really matter what you sell online...If your goal is to put your business/offer in front of your target market in an efficient way, online marketing or digital marketing is where you want to be. 


                        Why?  Because over 90% of people start their buying search online!


                        As you may already know, there are many ways you can get your brand on the world wide web.  So many so,  that if you don't start out with a solid strategy, you'll find yourself getting no where fast with an empty bank account!


                        I'll put the many means of advertising in 2 categories for ease of comprehension:


                        Paid and Non-paid (Fast and Slow)


                        Answer this question first, then re-visit.  At that time, a more accurate question might be:


                        "Which means of marketing should I use if I need to begin making sales tomorrow?", for example.


                        I hope this helps!

                        Let me know if I can put together a marketing package for you.

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                          leather4u Adventurer

                          Thanks automatedlife


                          Sure if you can put some marketing package that would be great

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                              NorthStar Wayfarer

                              What ever form of marketing you do, you need to track it very close.  As a marketer, I see this all the time that people spend money on it, but do not track the results well.


                              You want to know the $ spend on a specific ad, how many people went to the page you are telling them to go to, then how many of those people made some type of purchase or took a specific action you wanted them to do.


                              Often you will have different landing pages for different ads so you can track it well.


                              Once you have  baseline for what a specific ad did on a specific channel, then you can do split testing to increase your conversion rates. Tweak the ad to see if it increases or decrease your sales.


                              While Paid traffic is FASTER.... It can also be a rabbit hole you toss money into and never see again. You want to start small, watch the results and if they look good, you can ramp up.


                              Over the years I have worked with over a 1,000 business owners and this is still one thing they get wrong. They get the product, then try and find the market or have no budget for marketing.... Instead find what people want in your niche, then give them what they want.... Will make your life a lot easier AND increase your chance of success.

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                              jadia Wayfarer

                              Did you eventually find a solution? How is the progress so far?