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    How to Be An Effective Manager:

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      Anyone can be an effective manager!


      ·         Be confident. Set an example for your team and don’t waiver while working to achieve your goals.

      ·         Be someone who can compromise and change plans with ease.

      ·         Be analytical and logical.

      ·         Be a people person. Networking with your team will make you more relatable.

      ·         Be a true leader. Effective managers should gain the attention of their team upon entering the workplace.

      ·         Be consistent and dependable.

      ·         Be honest and to the point.


      In conclusion, a managing career is one that will allow you to serve your company while supporting your team. ~Moderator Mel

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          I’d like to amend this post by adding a few more suggestions:

          ·         Motivation – Provide challenging work to your team. Make sure tasks are interesting; be sure that the job you design offers each team member variety, autonomy and enrichment.

          ·         Team Development – Understand that your team consists of employees who are at different stages in their careers and have different capabilities. Being able to grow a successful team determines your validity as a manager.

          ·         Delegation – Create a charter that defines the role of the team and how it will work. It is crucial that employees understand their role. Allocate tasks according to each team member’s strengths.

          ·         Communication – Hosting a productive meeting can save your company time and money. The purpose of most meetings is brainstorming. Come prepared and facilitate a creative environment. Listen carefully and then relay the core principles of the brainstorming session to your boss. Present your findings in the manner he or she prefers.

          ·         Discipline – Breaches of company law are easily identifiable. There should be basic feedback points that you can share with the employee. Determine whether or not the situation directly impacts the team or the team member’s role.


          ~Moderator Mel

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Great bullet points, Mel!  I am sure they will be helpful to so many of our members.


              You said it but I want to say this again: Be present!  When you are working in your business and/or with your employees - be present.  People want to know they are heard.  This does not mean you have to follow their suggestions or comments all the time, but listen and respond.


              I realize this may sound silly, but you can remember times you talked  with someone and felt as if they never really heard what you were saying.


              Being present is a valuable tool to have in your pocket!



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