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    Being a Boss

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      For those of you who have or have had employees working in your small business -- what kind of boss do you consider yourself to be? Are you very strict, more lenient, some of each depending on the situation, or something else altogether?


      How have you resolved issues with employees in the past?


      Share your stories, we always value your expertise and experience.


      As a reminder, please be sure to respect the privacy of third parties by not posting information such as real names or personal data. Thanks, everyone.



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          krystsina Wayfarer

          I was too good and soft with my employees. I was trying to build very friendly relationships with them, and took it in a way that they can dictate me what to do. Therefore I'm trying to change my attitude and behaviour to them to show that it is me who makes the decisions and pays their salaries. My super good attitude turned in a way that my employees started to dictate me what to do in a way to please their wishes. I don't mind listening to the opinions, but I'm not going to listen to what my manager think about my decisions and how I should behave for my own business.


          It would be great to continue this conversation as it is extremely actual for me at the moment as I'm dealing with these problems now.

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              moderator_lee Navigator

              You bring up a very interesting part of the issue, krystsina, the fine line between being in control and being unkind. Sometimes in a position of authority, people mistake our necessary supervision and direction for rudeness. It's a delicate balance to keep a good relationship with your employees and also be a good boss for your company's goals.


              We appreciate hearing about your own situation and wish you well with it. If you think anyone can offer advice, don't hesitate to post further on it. Keep us updated.