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    Check Lists

    LUCKIEST Guide

      I am a fan of checklists for everything in my business and in our personal life.

      I have a daily checklist on my desk and also another on the kitchen table.

      We all use the list on the kitchen table for family. It helps eliminate

      the feeling something's missing... but what??

      It is especially easy to lose track of appointments or details when you are meeting

      several deadlines or appointments during a hectic day..

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          Moderator BethM Navigator

          Hi LUCKIEST,


          Organization is definitely an important tool for success.


          How did you come about making check lists? Had you tried any other methods prior?


          Having unsuccessfully tried wipe boards, a giant centralized calendar, and a planner, I found my best tool is the calendar on my phone. I always say, if it's not in my phone, it's not happening.


          Who else in the community would like to share their best organization advice?



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            krystsina Wayfarer

            Absolutely agree on the benefits of using checklists. I use checklists in my work more, but sometimes I do it for my personal life as well. Every morning I usually write down in my notebook what I should do today, and it helps me to remember everything and build a plan for all day. I've tried to use special online softwares and my smartphone too, but it didn't work out for me. However, I've started to use Asana online version to organise myself, and it seems to start working for me.

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              moderator_mel Tracker

              Hi, Mel here again!


              I did a bit of quick research on “Time Management” and it turned up some really smart tips.



              Make a “To Do” list for daily use. Schedule calls and meetings on your calendar and check off completed items as you go.


              Taking Action:

              Complete similar tasks so that you don’t lose focus. For example, writing proposals then email and finally phone calls. Combine tasks that may not have a dead line and complete them as time allows.



              Make a list of contacts and prioritize them. Note the kind of correspondence you share. Record your thoughts and ideas during conversations.



              Don’t feel guilty about giving yourself the time you need to complete tasks. Turn off instant messaging; let phone calls go to voice mail. Train others to respect your privacy.


              Don’t Skip Lunch:

              Plan out time to relax! Recharge by scheduling lunch, miscellaneous breaks and personal social media sessions. You’ll return to work and be more productive.


              Effective time management is a sanity saver! ~Moderator Mel