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    Your Challenges as a Business Owner

    moderator_lee Navigator

      What would you say your biggest challenges have been as a small business owner? Have you been able to overcome them? What have you tried that has worked, and what has not worked?


      We always love to hear your stories an experiences.



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          krystsina Wayfarer

          The most serious challenge for me as a small business owner so far was managing my employees. I treat people too good, I take their opinions very personal, and they just sit on my head in the end. Now I'm trying to improve my behaviour to show that it is me who is a business owner and it is me who has the last word in making decisions.

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              moderator_mel Tracker

              Hi krystsina,

              Here are a few suggestions that may help you foster a better business relationship with your employees:

              • Be approachable. Having an open-door policy can help your employees feel more comfortable in sharing their ideas.
              • Be receptive to feedback. Welcome any constructive criticism.
              • Be understanding. Put yourself in your employee’s shoes to gain a better understanding of what it will take to help them succeed in their respective company roles.
              • Be a mentor. Offer advice from a leader’s point of view. Ask questions like, “How can I help?” or “What do you need from me?”
              • Be respectful of your employee’s time. When meeting with a staff member, focus on the topic at hand.
              • Be invested in your employees. Create a vibrant company culture by encouraging healthy lifestyles.
              • Be honest. Admitting you’re wrong isn’t a sign of weakness.
              • Be vocal. Praise your employees openly for a job well done.
              • Be a role model. Show up on time, wear professional attire and be productive. Your work ethic provides an example for your employees.

              Please let me know if these suggestions are helpful and if you’d like to see more research on business owner/employee relationships. ~Moderator Mel