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    Ecommerce retailer/overseas supplier

    Keith Adventurer



      I'm Keith, owner of a new website that will be launching in a few weeks. I've reached out to suppliers that are a perfect fit to expand my catalog.  I will be retailing for suppliers from India and other regions outside the United States.


      Suppliers want to know from me what port they should ship products to.  I would like to know some basic information and any other relative information to give to my suppliers in order for them to calculate the cost to ship, and adjust their margins:


      How do I determine what ports they should ship to?

      How do I get the product from the port docks to my location?

        • Re: Ecommerce retailer/overseas supplier
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Hi Keith. I see that you have been a member of the Community sine July of 2015.

          I have two suggestions that could help you.

          The first is a Business Plan. The Business plan is like a road map to success.

          the other is SCORE. SCORE is FREE and SCORE has Counselors from every walk

          of live with great business experience.

          You can contact SCORE both on line and in person and I am sure that

          they will have a counselor with shipping experience.


          Good luck and stay in touch, LUCKIEST