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    FedEx Franchises

    paul7576 Newbie

      How can I find a list of franchise owners in my area to ask questions about their franchises?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Good question Paul and welcome to the Community.

          It would be helpful if you told us more about yourself

          and your goals. Are you in business NOW??

          Do you have a Business Plan??

          Where is your area??



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            Moderator BethM Navigator

            Hi paul7576,


            Welcome to the community!


            As LUCKIEST mentioned could you please tell us a little more about yourself?


            Introduce Yourself is a great place to learn about our newest members and start getting advice and shared experiences from our more veteran members. Go take a look and when you get a chance, post your introduction.


            Looking forward to learning more about you,



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              Moderator Rebecca Guide

              Hi paul7576!  One of the more popular conversations in our forum over the years have been regarding Fed Ex routes, so our SBC team has created a special discussion area for questions just like yours. Please feel free to jump into the New FedEx Ground Route Business Discussion.


              You'll see there is already a good conversation going on and I think it would be an excellent place for you to ask any questions you might have for the experts and our community members.  Please feel free to jump in!