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    The map of construction

    orbital config Tracker

      Hello all


      If you don't know I am a Artist / Graphics Designer

      I am in this situation again and wondering what others have experienced, I am doing a 3D elevation view for a client of a building that will be build by the county. In my past I always gave updates: for instance for this one I would give a construction view mid construction and then maybe another view to show my client how progress is being done as I progress.


      I do this on bigger projects to show how I work steady and make progress and most of all to show that I actually create the work custom for you. I have read to may stories about how people will deny payment because they think things are done with templates and not worth the price. This is something I like to do for my clients and to establish a relationship with them to start a referral process.


      With big companies they don't do this and leave your trust in them even if it was a template or time issues. I do consider this in my presentation that I work alone with them through the process.


      Is this ok to do, does this give more room for incidental changes? would it be better via request? In a way they don't need them but it does give me nice cushion to keep in contact. 


      Looking for some thoughts or maybe you have a service and encounter this also

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi orbital config!  You ask a great question and one that I don't have much advice for, aside from the fact that anything in writing is always good.   .


          The personal touch is always nice, and I would think your updates on the process would be very valuable for any business.  I've gone ahead and changed your post to a question, so hopefully some of our members who have experience in this area can give you some great advice,


          Please keep us updated on how things are going!  We appreciate you being part of our community!




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            orbital config Tracker

            OK Thanks I seen a question mark on it.


            Hope to get some lead on this but right now I gathering if someone gets more, nothing is really free, sometimes less is more,  if this is the same thing.


            Thank you