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    Need help with building/hosting an E-commerce website?

    sasaw Wayfarer

      I have a blog site currently that is on WordPress... But I need a way to find a great host for an e-comm site and tie it into the blog site.

      My blog is hosted forever by my Seminary as a gift for being the 1st class to use technology & a web presence to influence the world as a credited class & helping to develop the curriculum. It was a unique experience & we were pioneers for the Seminary to come into the 21st century while showing the students the correct way, technology- & technique/approach-wise.

      But as we learned to build, format, and design a website, I have no idea how to add e-comm or should I add to it or build/host on a different site? I need help because I have product that is sitting in my home and ideas/designs on my computer and NO WAY TO GET IT TO MARKET.....PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE!!!