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    Computer business startup.

    blittle485 Newbie



           I am a new to the business world and am looking to start a online computer store that will sell computers, tablets, phones, and computer related ware. This is an idea in the running but I'm looking for some advice as to how to get started and get some questions answered.


      1. Is the computer market open?

      2. Is it worth investing time and money into this endeavor?

      3. What companies should I contact should this idea get the go ahead?


      I would really apreciate if so one would help me out, I'm very excited about this idea.


      Much thanks,


      B. Little

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community. Where are you located??

          A box store like Apple or Best Buy??

          First you need a Business Plan.

          Then you need a lawyer, an accountant and a banker.

          Also contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can give you great advice.


          Best of luck and keep in touch



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            Moderator Cath Guide

            Great idea and I wish you the best.  One thing I would strongly suggest is to have an EXCELLENT service team that delivers great work and in a not-too-long wait time.


            Other stores may beat you in in inventory but if you have a super service team, people will hear and begin to flock to you.



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              saurabhthakur Adventurer

              As you mentioned your want to start an online computer store business, I think it is a good business idea. Online business has become the good source of income. You need to create a proper marketing plan to run an online business.


              You can contact with Yo!Kart team (YoKart is a readymade eCommerce platform to build eCommerce store).

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                Moderator Cath Guide

                We haven't heard from you in a while, blittle.  Are you still in the 'thinking mode' about starting an online computer store business?  Have you taken any forward steps since you posted in May?


                We would enjoy hearing how your plans are going.



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                  Sameera Khan Navigator

                  blittle485 I think Electronics Ecommerce business is more appropriate name for your startups business as you do not only want to sell computers but also tablets, mobile phones etc. The industry is having a very good future scope, now and in coming years.


                  Let's go step by step for your queries:

                  1. Is the computer market open?

                  Answer: Yes, the computer/Electronics market is open and is performing well. People usually prefer to go online when purchasing electronic ideas, accessories.

                  2. Is it worth investing time and money into this endeavor?

                  Answer: Yes, investing in this industry worth a lot. All you need to have a right solution to run your business online.

                  3. What companies should I contact should this idea get the go ahead?

                  Answer: You can contact FATbit Technologies to discuss about your business idea as the firm is known to provide cost effective ad right eCommerce solutions to online business startups.


                  I would recommend to go with their multi vendor eCommerce solution that is known for its startup friendliness due to its cost and good user interface. The advantage of having a multi vendor eCommerce website is that you can add multiple merchants i your online store who will be selling different products other than yours. This will increase overall website presence and revenue as well.


                  Hope this helps!