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    Email Marketing

    LUCKIEST Guide

      If email marketing is the core component of lead generation

      which should trigger prospects and clients for most service business,


      Then how do YOU choose an email marketing system??



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          orbital config Tracker



          It is kinda funny I was looking back on some of the posts I have asked, and one was Email Marketing, this post was in 2011 and got a lot of feedback on it. (when starting my business) It is now 2016 and I had done some email marketing for a Ins. company since, I have done email marketing for myself since also, and I will have to agree this emailing - for a marketing purpose, a source, expecting in return at least a little bit, I did not find this really at all. I do remember someone calling me and saying I called because I got the info in email one day, but it was really that one, I did there policy but there were probably 5 people out of thousands of emails. They say is a great email marking structure, then constant contact also, there supposed to be the top ones for a service or art sales. I used constant contact for most of my campaign it allowed timing and scheduling for emails.



          In my opinion emailing blasts out of the blues really don't work, I do think people have the spam thing ready for something they don't know about or not expecting.


          I do think emailing for "Marketing" is best when you/they are a customer already and using it for more like a news letter for information, great sales, specials, etc. that you can announce is the best way I have found to use emailing as a "Marketing tool"  and got better responses. I think it works a lot better in this situation then blasting out max emails with a call to action-like. I have even emailed out saying "we see you have not come to our site in 30 days we'll offer "something" if you look at our site again - - or what ever the lingo is, we'll offer shipping if you purchase in the next 7 days or something relevant".



          Well this was my experience and what I have found



          Let me know

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            Moderator BethM Navigator

            Is email still the wave of the future?


            It seems more and more companies are turning to mobile communications.


            What are your thoughts on text message marketing?


            Is it something you would try? Is it something you have already tried? What have been your results?



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                Scott Navigator

                Hi Beth,


                Email still works very well if you know how to use it properly and set up funnels. It won't work if you try to game the system and use it for spam or don't know how to get people on your list so that you can continue marketing to them.


                Text marketing is also very solid for some businesses, and again, if you know how to properly set up funnels and get people to optin to your list.


                The big differences between email and text marketing is that emails generally have somewhere between a 10% - 40% open rate and may be opened many days after received, whereas text messages have a 95%+ open rate and are generally opened within a few minutes. Text messaging comes with a higher cost as well.


                My experience with text marketing is that if my clients use it correctly, it's an excellent way to drive business. You can fill a restaurant on a typically dead Tuesday afternoon by shooting out a text message to your list in the morning. Works great for some businesses and not so great for others.



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                healthinsurance Adventurer

                Email marketing is one of the best and quick wway to generate leads. It depends upon the quality and different section of email details. However i choose amazon platform for email marketing. It is good because it does not let you spam.

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                  Roger Dillon Scout

                  Hi LUCKIEST,

                  E-mail marketing is a way where, we send a commercial message to a group of people using E-mail. From E-mail marketing we can do many works such as send ads, business request, sale or many things. It build loyalty, trust & Brand. E-mail marketing can be done to current customer database as well some new in group. Sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers.


                  Roger Dillon

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                    marksteve741 Adventurer

                    Email marketing a type of direct digital marketing that uses e-mail as the marketing communication delivery method. Email marketing is used in a number of ways by organizations and marketers for brand and customer reliability building, acquiring customers, company advertisements for communicating promotional offers.

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                      Scott Navigator

                      LUCKIEST: Due to the way you've asked the question, my advice would be to start off with Aweber, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. There are a few others, but they're all similar when it comes down to it. Most of them have trial periods, so you could pick a few and test them to find the one that you're most comfortable with.


                      If you are in need of some more sophistication, Ontraport is very good but Infusionsoft is probably the best of them all.