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    Being Frugal

    LUCKIEST Guide

      I have (almost) always believed in being frugal when choosing resources for my business.


      That doesn't automatically mean choosing the cheapest.


      It is about making realistic choices that fit my (your) temperament

      and style as well as my (your) needs.


      Have a great day and choose wisely, LUCKIEST

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          You have hit the nail on the head, Luckiest!


          Don't you agree that most business owners are looking for a good price?  And adding to that good price, as you have said are; choices that fit.  How sad to find that we have found a more inexpensive option, only to find that it just doesn't work in our business.  I think, if we are honest, we could all say this has happened to us at some point.


          Would you like to share what are some of the guidelines you consider when looking for the best price and the best fit?  What red flags do you look for?



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              BusinessToday Adventurer

              I think this sentiment reflects well with advertising.  Many companies try to get by with little or no advertising, yet many others spend too much.  I think a rule of thumb is, businesses have to advertise.  What type of business your in is the catalyst to determine what percentage of sales should be your advertising dollar.  A good way to find out is to check your industry trade journals and write to the editors.  My website shows more pertinent business information.